Husky Homestead

Started and run by Jeff King, a four time Iditarod winner, Husky Homestead is a must-see for all dog lovers visiting Alaska. Their easily recognizable tour buses can pick you up at most Denali area hotels. Summer tours include transportation to and from your hotel, live viewing of the dog training, a look at authentic Alaskan lifestyle, meet and greet with champion sled dogs, and of course puppy cuddles!

Chena Hot Springs Resort

60 miles north of Fairbanks, this natural hot spring has been a secret hidden treasure for years and years. Originally discovered in 1905, people would travel from all over to soak in the healing waters to cure their aches and pains. Now, there is an entire resort built around the springs. Rent a room, a cabin, or a campsite. Activities vary depending on which season you visit, from horseback riding and kennel tours, to dog sled rides and Aurora viewing tours.

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