Hogwarts™ Express: Hogsmeade™ Station

Countless people my age and younger have woken up on their 13th birthday with hopes of a letter being delivered via owl-post to their door; dreaming that one day they'd pack up their trunks and head to King's Cross station and push their trolley through the barricade at Platform 9 ¾. And while that probably didn't happen for any of us, Universal Orlando has got the closest we might ever get. Make your way to the pleasant little village of Hogsmeade in Universal's Island of Adventure to catch a ride on the Hogwarts Express. During your journey you'll see tons of familiar characters and creatures from the HP Universe. It might be the closest to thing to magic you'll ever experience!

Coming Soon: A Super Nintendo World!

The newest park to join the Universal family will include our mushroom-jumping, red-hat-wearing, princess-rescuing pal, Mario! Although we aren't expected to see this come to life state-side for some time (late 2021-early 2022 for Universal Studios Hollywood and 2023 for Universal Studios Orlando), the new park will be opening spring of this year at Universal Studios Japan. This will be a truly immersive experience for park-goers. Purchase a "Power Up Band" at the beginning of your visit to take part in adventure and challenges in the park all day long. You can also bring along your Nintendo Switch and track your progress throughout the park.

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