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AurTravelIsland Hopping in the Mediterranean

Have you ever dreamed of relaxing in the laid back Mediterranean islands? Always wanted to soak up the Greek/Croatian culture and indulge in all the different types of food? Now's your chance! Get the most out of your Mediterranean vacation by visiting multiple islands because they all are so unique and there's so much to do and see!
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AurTravelHydra Hydra is a unique Greek Island to visit because it does not allow cars or motorcycles on the island. You can expect to travel by horse, donkey, and water taxi. This creates a very ancient-like charm throughout the island. There are beautiful monasteries and cathedrals to tour, bays and beaches to relax, and history to soak up.
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AurTavelAegina This beautiful island is another underrated and surprisingly lesser known island! There are tons of awe-inspiring views of the ocean, land, and architecture on Aegina. There are many historical stops as well including ancient temples and monasteries. The clear blue waters meet the rocky land and create the most beautiful ports and beaches you will ever see.

While traveling around the Mediterranean, keep these tips in mind:
•Be sure to include both Greek and Croatian islands throughout your trip. They are close in distance; however, they have completely different cultures, histories, and activities.
•Never trust ferry schedule times online. They will change so often! Just relax, head to the port in person, buy a ticket, and enjoy the island until it is time for your ferry ride. The routes may be slow at times but enjoy the views or get some reading done while you wait to arrive at the next island.
•Embrace and build your patience. Greeks run on a different time system. They are slower than molasses; however, it's actually amazing to embrace because you learn to enjoy your surroundings and live in the moment instead of racing around.
•Don't feel bad about not tipping; it's fairly uncommon in Greece. However, you can round up your bill to the nearest euro.
•Try to visit a lot of the bakeries. They are less expensive than most restaurants and they usually offer more than just bread and pastries. Many offer fresh hot feta, spinach pastries, eggs, and lots of other things! By visiting them for either lunch or breakfast you can save money.


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