What You Need to Know about the Running of the Bulls

This popular event in Pamplona, Spain will take place July 6-14, 2019. It is a world famous historical event that draws massive crowds year after year. It is highly recommended that tourists do not participate in this event; it is extremely dangerous to run with the bulls and should be left to those who have watched it for many years and learned expert tips to avoid injuries. However, it can be an incredibly fun and exciting event for tourists to participate as spectators! And, there are so many other things to do and see while you are in Pamplona to fill out the rest of your vacation. Here is some history behind the Running of the Bulls as well as other things to do during your vacation in Spain.

The traditional event started back in the 14th century in Spain. They needed to transport the bulls from outside of the city to the town center. The streets were blocked off and the bulls were released into the center where the bull fighting arena is. At some point in history, this morphed into a tradition of attempting to outrun the bulls. It is now used to celebrate Saint Fermin. There are five days of races and bull fighting events each night. Parties follow the events and last well into the morning. Most people end up sleeping during the day so they can stay up all night to participate in the festivities.

If you don’t sleep your days away, there are plenty of activities for you to enjoy. There are many wineries with guided tours and drivers outside of the city. The local cuisine is fabulous; be sure to set aside plenty of time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the food leisurely. You can also take historic tours of the city. Some of the historical sites you will see include portions of the city walls still intact from roman times, the Ciudadela de Pamplona (a fortress from the 16th century), Iglesia de San Nicolas (a 12th century church), and the Museo de Navarra (museum featuring relics from back in the 11th century). You can also take a short one-hour trip to see two beautiful mountain ranges: the Andia and Urbasa, also featuring a breathtaking 100-meter waterfall.

If you are interested in visiting Pamplona, Spain for the running of the bulls or just for enjoyment at other times of the year, call our travel experts at AurTravel at 402.891.6909. AurTravel is here for any and all of your vacation needs!

Debbie Lee
Debbie Lee

Debbie Lee – Certified Travel Consultant (CTC); Certified Sandals Specialist (CSS); College of Disney Knowledge 2018 Graduate. Debbie has been in the travel industry for more than 25 years and has held various positions. Her responsibilities at AurTravel include coordinating both leisure & business travel. Outer Banks, NC and Disney World are favorite and frequent vacations for her and her family. Some of Debbie’s travel highlights come from living in Ankara, Turkey for two years and finding exciting places to travel each weekend.

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