Visit the Great Barrier Reef before It’s Gone

We’ve all heard of the Great Barrier Reef and have probably seen photographs. But how many have actually visited this amazing, natural phenomenon? Sadly, due to many causes, the reef is slowly declining in size, color, and wildlife. However, you still have a chance to soak up the beauty! Here are some of the great reasons to visit Queensland, Australia for a vacation to see the Great Barrier Reef.

It is the biggest single structure made by living organisms in the world! It’s made up of coral polyps which are very tiny living organisms. The reef is literally a rainbow of vibrant colors and is home to a huge variety of fish (the biodiversity is incredible!). All this makes for some truly beautiful views. The waters are a bright clear turquoise, so you can see everything. You can choose to experience the reefs grandness in many ways. Snorkel, scuba, boat, scenic helicopter or plane flights, helmet dive, or just simply swim around. There is a way for everyone to view the beauty of the reef; even those who don’t want to get their feet wet!

Don’t worry; your vacation won’t end after your visit to the reef. There is still plenty more to do to fill your time in Australia! Stay at one of the luxury resorts on one of the islands off the Great Barrier Reef. They are filled with spas, beaches, and tons of activities to enjoy. There are jet and speed boat tours all over the coast and plenty of public and private beaches to relax. Queensland also has many theme parks for thrill seekers! There is a Sea World, Warner Bros. Movie World (Australia’s #1 theme park), Wet’n’Wild, Paradise Country, and Australian Outback Spectacular. You can even get tickets that include passes to multiple parks. Visit a national park for tours and activities for those not big on thrill seeking. No matter your personality, there is something for everyone in Queensland, Australia.

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Debbie Lee, AurTravel

Debbie Lee – Certified Travel Consultant (CTC); Certified Sandals Specialist (CSS); College of Disney Knowledge 2018 Graduate. Debbie has been in the travel industry for more than 25 years and has held various positions. Her responsibilities at AurTravel  include coordinating both  leisure & business travel. Outer Banks, NC and Disney World are favorite and frequent vacations for her and her family. Some of Debbie’s travel highlights come from living in Ankara, Turkey for two years and finding exciting places to travel each weekend.

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