Unusual Museums Around the World

Art museums are great, sure, but have you ever been to a museum all about spies? What about a UFO museum? AurTravel can assist you in visiting any unusual museum you please. There are so many museums that do not involve art that you can visit around the world. Some are so obscure and out there, you question if these places are even real.

If you are interested in all of the extraterrestrial possibilities, head to Roswell, New Mexico where the UFO Museum and Research Center resides. The UFO Museum was built to inform people of “The Roswell Incident” that occurred in 1947. While in the area, Alien Zone Area 51 is available for all of your kooky novelties.

Another museum worth checking out is the Museum of Bad Art in Boston, Massachusetts. Founded in 1993, the museum felt the need to bring bad art to a wide audience. The painting “Lucy in the Field With Flowers” was the inspiration for the museum and its goal – as the painting was dug out from a trash bin.

Japan is a great place to visit and has a ton of cool places to explore. One place worth mentioning is the Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum in Osaka. They have a few factories located in the museum, including the Chicken Ramen Factory and the CUPNOODLES Factory. There is also an exhibit of instant noodles as well as a tasting room. If you are obsessed with ramen like I am, this is the perfect place to visit. You can even try rarely sold flavors of ramen dispensed from a vending machine.

The International Spy Museum in Washington, D.C. has two spy experiences where you can be a spy and figure out missions. The museum houses many pieces of spy equipment such a lipstick pistol, a buttonhole camera, and radio transmitters. This museum is fun for any age and offers a really interesting history of the spies of the world.

Museums can offer hours of exploration and entertainment and fun for all ages! Our travel experts know of the best unusual museums to visit, so call AurTravel at 402-891-6909 to get started on booking a super fun vacation!

Jessie Curry

Jessie Curry – Jessie is a recent 2018 graduate of University of Nebraska at Omaha’s Theatre department and regularly stage manages and acts in theatre productions in Omaha. She grew up as a Navy kid, living in Sicily and Japan, and traveling everywhere in between. Her favorite part of going to a new destination was the new food she could try. Some of her favorite memories include traveling and making flight attendants and pilots laugh.  Jessie serves as AurTravel’s administrative assistant and runs their social media accounts.

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