Traveling with Food Allergies

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Traveling with food allergies can be difficult, scary, and downright stressful! I understand as I have had celiac disease for over 15 years now. Finding food options at home can be challenging, let alone in a foreign country, with foreign cuisine and languages! However, I am here to say it is totally possible. With a little bit of research and preparation, eating abroad with allergies can be stress free.

Here are a few tips for traveling with food allergies:

If you require epinephrine pens, bring backups; you never want to accidentally run out. Make sure to have multiple accessible while on the airplane, just in case. If you are traveling alone and require epi pens, notify the flight attendant of this and tell them where it is in case you are unable to use it.

If you are allergic to peanuts, let our travel agents know; we will call the airline to notify them of your allergy. They will make sure no peanuts are served on the flight to any passengers and instead will serve a different snack.

If you have celiac disease, contact the airline (or let AurTravel do it for you) about one week in advance of a long flight so that they can be sure to have a meal available for you. Pack a lot of snacks in case you can’t find anything in the airport or at your destination right away. Call restaurants ahead of time and ask to talk to the chef for your options. Be careful of what alcohols your bartender uses in your drink; some are gluten free and some aren’t. Print out a food allergy card online in the local language; this will help ease miscommunication between two languages. Be patient, calm, yet stern! They might not understand you at first. Download food allergy apps for assistance with local cuisine and restaurants.

Finally, don’t leave anyone out. Traveling with a food allergy can leave you feeling left out if everyone else is snacking on amazing pastries, unique ethnical food, etc. Try to occasionally pass on those options if you are traveling with someone who has an allergy and opt for something they can also indulge in. If your child is feeling left out, try to have the whole family order gluten free occasionally to make them feel special.

Our travel experts at AurTravel are knowledgeable and experienced and can assist you with food allergies and any other travel issue! Call AurTravel today at 402-891-6909 to start planning your next dream vacation.



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