Travel to These Overlooked Sporting Events

Sporting events are loved by many and can be enjoyed in many cities and countries. Most events are accessible for fans of all ages, and make for a fantastic family trip! AurTravel can help get you to your favorite sporting events such as the Superbowl and college bowl games, but we can also assist with trips to see sporting events that are often overlooked. Here are some examples!

If you are a fan of fast cars, you should definitely take a trip to see a NASCAR race. The Daytona 500 or the Indy 500 are both great options. Not only are both great races, but the cities themselves offer so much for you to see and do.

If you are a fan of lovely hats and horses, check out the Kentucky Derby. The famous race at Churchill Downs, Kentucky will take place May 3-4 of this year and May 2, 2020. This bucket-list event draws more than 150,000 spectators!

If you like all things ice and hockey, the Stanley Cup Playoffs and Finals take place in April, May, and early June. While you may not be able to drink out of the coveted Stanley Cup, you may be able to witness your favorite team doing just that.

Dating back 141 years all the way to 1877, Wimbledon has been one of the most popular events to attend in London and attracts tennis fans from all around the world, including some royal family members. The five main events played at Wimbledon are men’s singles, men’s doubles, mixed double, ladies’ singles, and ladies’ doubles. Wimbledon typically takes place on the last Monday of the month of June, and runs for a solid two weeks.

If you prefer basketball over tennis, the NBA finals take place in June with the playoffs starting in April. This is a great opportunity to see your favorite players such as Steph Curry, James Harden, or Klay Thompson.

To start booking an amazing sports-filled trip, call AurTravel at 402-891-6909.We’ll book your flight, hotel, and tickets to one of these overlooked sporting events!

Jessie Curry
Jessie Curry

Jessie Curry – Jessie is a recent 2018 graduate of University of Nebraska at Omaha’s Theatre department and regularly stage manages and acts in theatre productions in Omaha. She grew up as a Navy kid, living in Sicily and Japan, and traveling everywhere in between. Her favorite part of going to a new destination was the new food she could try. Some of her favorite memories include traveling and making flight attendants and pilots laugh.  Jessie serves as AurTravel’s administrative assistant and runs their social media accounts.

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