Top Snorkeling Destinations in the World

Most people have heard of the Great Barrier Reef as one of the world’s best snorkeling destinations, but what about the rest of the world? Surely, there has to be some that are just as amazing and unforgettable! Yes, there are so many more wonderful places to vacation and snorkel. AurTravel has just a few of the many different snorkeling destinations.

Crystal River, Florida: This destination is popular for a unique reason. You can snorkel and swim with manatees! As you snorkel through the manatee’s natural habitat they will actually come up right next to you; close enough for you to pet them. If you’re calm and swim slowly, they will most likely hang around you for a long time!

Pigeon Cay, Honduras: Here you will experience clear turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, palm trees, authentic beach shacks, adorable tiny islands, and much more! This area has some great snorkeling in their shallow waters. Many tourists are able to find tons of large starfish as well as many other species of fish! This is some of Central America’s best and most beautiful snorkeling; the reef is just breathtaking. There are even charming fishing villages you can tour when you are not snorkeling.

Papalaua Wayside Park, Maui, Hawaii: This is another gorgeous destination with an entire rainbow of corral and fish below the clear turquoise blue waters. Here, you can spot the rare Hawaiian triggerfish. This is a great destination because it is perfect to visit anytime of the year. Snorkel just before evening for some beautiful sunset views from underneath the water.

Buck Island, St. Croix, USVI: Buck Island is great for tourists who wish to encounter sea turtles. The region is nesting grounds for multiple different species. The island is full of palm trees and warm sand for you to relax on after your adventures snorkeling. This paradise is perfect for those looking for a relaxing vacation and laid back excursions.

Lover’s Cove, Catalina Island, California: This is a great destination for those who want a domestic vacation that doesn’t disappoint. The reef is literally filled with so many different types of fish, crustaceans, octopuses, stars, and anemones that you will have something new to see every time! It is a bit cooler water though so you may need a wet suit. Also, the fish here are all very friendly and will nibble your fingers when you feed them!

Negril, Jamaica: If you are looking to snorkel in some of the clearest waters, you should consider this destination. Negril has some amazing waters to explore. There are tons of diverse, colorful fish to see; many are only found in that region as well. If you really want to do a lot of snorkeling and exploring on your own time with quick easy access, you should book an over the water bungalow!

If you are ready for your unforgettable snorkeling adventure, call one of our expert travel agents here at AurTravel at 402.891.6909. They are ready and eager to plan the trip of your dreams and help you all along the way for a one-of-a-kind personalized service.

Debbie Lee – Certified Travel Consultant (CTC). Debbie has been in the travel industry for more than 25 years and has held various positions. Her responsibilities include coordinating business travel, promoting AurTravel on social media, and handling general office duties. Outer Banks, NC and Disney World are favorite and frequent vacations for her and her family. Some of Debbie’s travel highlights come from living in Ankara, Turkey for two years and finding exciting places to travel each weekend.


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