March 25, 2019

Blending In While Traveling

The last thing you want to do while being a tourist is look like a tourist. AurTravel has some tips and tricks you can use to avoid sticking out like a sore thumb on vacation. Be aware of your surroundings as well, and when in doubt, fake it ‘til you make it. Immersion is the best way to learn another culture.

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February 29, 2016

Why Should I Use a Travel Agent?

One of the questions that first-time customers want to know is why they should choose to use a travel agent. Here are a few of the best reasons for using a travel agent when booking your next trip.

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January 18, 2016

Top Destinations for a Romantic Proposal

Are you getting ready to pop the big question to your significant other? With Valentine’s Day and spring quickly approaching, this question looms large. One of the newer trends in proposals is to make sure that the location is as unique as your relationship.

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November 16, 2015

How to Prevent Illness While Flying

It’s no secret, but flying on a plane in general can trigger an illness, let alone during flu season. Hundreds of bodies in a small area coughing, sneezing, blowing their nose, and then touching the seatback, armrest, or overhead storage door – yuck! With the holiday season in full swing, there is a good chance you’re like me and have to hop on a plane to head home for the holidays. We want you to remain healthy!

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November 9, 2015

Don’t Forget…

Do you ever get that gut feeling that you have forgotten something REALLY important after you arrived at the airport, or once your plane has taken off? AurTravel created a checklist of items you should make sure you have before leaving the house!

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August 3, 2015

Airbnb – What Is It?

If you haven’t heard of Airbnb, you will soon. It’s the next hot trend in travel. So, what is it? “Airbnb is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodations around the world.”

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May 26, 2015

How to Save on Your Honeymoon

As if wedding planning isn’t stressful enough, your honeymoon can make you just as worrisome. Whether your concerns are with the destination, money, time of year, or all of the above, we have listed tips on how to book your dream honeymoon while avoiding your worries.

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March 2, 2015

Make Travel a Priority

If you are anything like me, you don’t have to make travel a priority because it’s something you want to do (and preferably as often as possible). All it takes is someone to say, “Hey, let’s go to [insert destination]!” and I’m all in.

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