April 15, 2019

Disney Around the World

Disney parks are one of the most visited destinations for families as they have a wide variety of rides, attractions, and dining options. Florida’s Walt Disney World Resort and California’s Disneyland Resort are two very popular places as they are the only two Disney parks in the United States. However, these two parks are not the only parks in the world for Disney lovers to enjoy.

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February 27, 2017

Disney around the World

Disney is not just in California and Florida – there are parks all over the world! Parks reside in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Paris. Each park is different, but still includes that bit of magic that everyone knows and loves. AurTravel can book your Disney trip for you, whether it’s in the United States or across the pond!

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February 16, 2016

Run and Play

Whether you are a long-time runner or are just lacing up your first pair of running shoes, running in a new location can provide the motivation to reach your fitness goals. There is nothing like having amazing scenery and cheering crowds to make the miles fly by. Here are a few favorites and bucket-list events coming up for this summer and fall.

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