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Sweden is the land of hockey, great food, midsummer celebrations, and all things ABBA music. Visiting Sweden should be on everyone’s bucket list of travel destinations with something for everyone in your family to enjoy! The laid back atmosphere of the Scandinavian coastal country is inviting and warm. Surrounded by Norway and Finland, Sweden has a rich history and a very unique cultural aspect that will speak to both your interests and adventurous side. The experts at AurTravel know exactly what to do in Sweden on your holiday!

Stockholm: Capital City

The capital city of Stockholm is ahead of the curve with music and shopping. One of the most popular things that locals partake in is called Fika. It is a break for coffee and a snack and to chat with friends or coworkers for a few moments.  This tradition is quite easy for foreigners to pick up on and include themselves in and is a great way to get to know the locals! A main attraction that both tourists and the natives love to visit is the Royal Palace. It is a 600-room residence of the King of Sweden and offers five museums for the public to enjoy. Be sure to put the Royal Palace on your to-do list while in Sweden!

So Many Museums!

Museums are Stockholm’s specialty and they range from art to medieval armor. The Modern Art Museum has works from artists such as Picasso, Duschamp, and Dali. Even if art museums aren’t your cup of tea, this one has some spectacular art and sculptures. The museum is also known for its restaurant, which has a wide variety of dishes. A museum that is perfect for kids and lovers of history is the Medieval Museum. It is housed under the Norrbro bridge and has pieces of armor that show the medieval history of the country. Kids can even dress up in armor themselves!

Gothenburg: Arts and Culture

Gothenburg is another great city to visit while you are in Sweden. Liseberg amusement park is home to home to several roller coasters and water rides for all ages to enjoy, making it  a great place to visit with little ones. Try the Balder coaster for a classic wooden-ride experience or the Valkyria if you prefer a dive-style coaster! If you are an arts lover, check out the Gothenburg Concert Hall or the Gothenburg Opera House. Both have world-class acoustics and put on performances throughout the year. The Gothenburg Culture Festival is an August party that lasts 6 days and includes live music, dancing, theatre, film, fashion, and so much more!

Unique and Unforgettable

Sweden has so much to do and explore and getting around is fairly easy. Whether you travel by car, bike, or bus, Sweden has minimal traffic jams and has a large public transportation network. You can easily hop to islands on the coast and enjoy fresh seafood such as pickled herring or mackerel. Another delicacy in Sweden is surstrӧmming, fermented fish in a tin. Sweden has a rich history that is super unique and molds well within the modern-day aspects of the country. The agents at AurTravel can help book your Swedish getaway.  Call them at 402.891.6900.

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