Surfing across the World

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For many people, surfing is more than just a simple water sport; it’s their way of life, their culture, a worshiped art. The oldest ancient form of surfing was body surfing and the more recent form of using a surfboard was developed later on. Surfing has its origins in Polynesian culture. In modern times, people across the world use surfing as a hobby, sport, art, and as a relaxing exercise, similar to yoga.

There are surfing destinations all over the world with amazing surf breaks, huge waves, breathtaking scenery, and wonderful white sandy beaches. Surfing isn’t just a summer sport. Alaska, for example, has great winter surfs. Just bring along a wet suit!

Surfing makes for a truly unforgettable vacation! It is perfect for young singles wishing to travel to new destinations for adventure. But, it can also be perfect for families who want a relaxing vacation. You can plan a vacation around surfing or just add it as a one day excursion to your planned vacation itinerary.

If you already know how to surf and are looking to continue your hobby, try some unique beach destinations instead of the typical Hawaiian or Californian vacation! There are amazing surf beaches in Bundoran, Ireland; Newquay, UK; Lagos, Portugal; Hosseqor, France; and Taghazoute, Morocco. An exciting surfing adventure doesn’t always mean warm tropical beach with coral. It can be exciting to surf in a wet suit at a unique destination like off the coast of Ireland. Go off the beaten path and try something new! Think of all the other great things you can do at a new destination other than surfing. When you’re not catching the waves, you can explore the towns of Ireland, dine in luxury restaurants in France, and explore the rich culture of the Moroccan people.

When you start planning your next surf vacation, begin with some research. Be humble about your experience level and find places that best fit your abilities and preferences! AurTravel travel agents can help you from there and begin building your surf vacation. Remember that it’s a vacation; if you can’t seem to get the hang of surfing, still enjoy your time by watching others, relaxing on the beach, or exploring the wonder of beach towns. AurTravel is here and ready to plan any and all of your future vacations. Call us today at 402.891.6909.

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