Out of the Ordinary Bucket List Travel Destinations

Get inspired, chase your travel dreams, make new memories, try new foods, take adventurous risks, meet new people, experience new cultures; make a travel bucket list to accomplish all of these and much more! Here are a few out of the ordinary, off the beaten path bucket list destinations to consider:

Aero Island, Denmark: A slow paced island city; travel here to see the famous red terra cotta roofed Denmark houses lining the ocean. Named one of the friendliest islands, you will certainly enjoy your visit here and be greeted with open arms. The streets are lined with quaint houses painted in bright assorted colors. You can also rent bikes to go around and tour the whole island. Visitors also love to visit the vineyards.

Kyoto, Japan: There is so much culture and history to soak up in this former imperial city. It is filled with many temples, shrines, and even the old imperial palace. There are many beautiful gardens to tour and cherry blossoms fill the surrounding areas with beauty from March through April.

Namibia’s Skeleton Coast: This is a national park along the coast of Namibia. The soft sandy beach is considered a desert; the winds constantly keep the surf raging. Before the days of engine powered boats, ships would constantly wreck here because they would get caught in the bad winds and current. However, this makes for great tourist spots because of the amazing views of thousands of shipwrecked boats scattered along the desert coast and sand. The winds also make for amazing surfing conditions for experienced surfers as well. There are also many wildlife safaris nearby to visit and ecotourism resorts.

Siem Reap, Cambodia: There are so many different amazing sites to see at this destination. There is Angkor Wat temple which is filled with remains from the Khmer civilization, featuring wall carvings of ancient Hindu mythology. There are also many museums to visit to learn about the ancient cultures and how the country survived the 20th century wars. Finally, there are three unique floating villages to tour.

Jordan: Travel to see one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Petra in Jordan. This ancient city, first believed to be inhabited around 9000 BCE, is home to many beautifully restored tombs, facades, and temples. You can also visit the famous Dead Sea, or the city of Jerash to see the famous Greco-Roman columns, ruins, forums, and theaters. The city of Jordan is actually rather safe to travel to as they have built up their defense systems. Because of the misbelief that travel is unsafe, the popular tourist destinations are empty of boisterous travelers. This allows for you to better enjoy your visit without all of the crowding.

Here are a few other unordinary yet amazing bucket list destinations: Yangtze River, Nova Scotia, Vietnam Caves, Oman, Milford Sound NZ, Machu Pichu, Faroe Island, and Hvar, Croatia.

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