Movie and T.V. Filming Locations to Vacation at 2019

Are you a big movie buff? Or do you have a favorite TV show? We’ve got a new idea for your next vacation! How about visiting some of the filming locations where your favorite movies and TV shows were filmed? It can be a great time for the whole family with guided tours, history behind the making, and fun facts!

Harry Potter: One of the most famous movie series has endless filming locations for you to visit! There is the Leavesden Studio in England where all eight movies were shot. They have daily tours for visitors to see all of the various sets and props still intact. Some of the sets in the studio include Diagon Alley, Dumbledore’s office, the Great Hall, Hogwarts’ bridge, the dark forest, and a mini version of the castle created for shots for the movies. The studio is also a fun visit as well because there is a visitor tour of the Harry Potter sets, but it is also still a fully functioning studio where multiple movies are filmed each year. Other sites filming took place include Gloucester Cathedral, where all of the hallway scenes were filmed, King’s Cross, where the train station scenes were shot, and the Reptile House (London Zoo), where Harry first spoke to snakes in the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Star Wars: Star Wars has so many famous and beautiful filming locations that we simply can’t list them all in this space, but we will list some of the best to visit! Dubrovnik, Croatia (The Last Jedi), Brow Head, County Cork, Ireland (The Last Jedi), Skellig Michael (The Last Jedi), Puzzlewood, England (The Force Awakens), Tunisia (A New Hope), and Vatnajokull National Park, Iceland (The Empire Strikes Back). All of these locations not only offer fun tours of the filming locations and sets but also a lot of other fun activities for visitors to partake in aside from the movies; making them great vacation destinations! The Skellig Michael Island destination is one of the most interesting tours; it is actually an ancient island that monks lived in secluded in rock formations. They have guided tours of the mysterious island full of history and fun facts.

Game of Thrones: Since its beginnings, Game of Thrones has been a very popular television show. Much of the show is filmed in actual outdoor locations abroad, including Northern Ireland. Familiar scenery fans can actually visit is the Dark Hedges, one of the most-photographed locations in the area. Stangford Castle is also a reoccurring filming location. From Season 2 of the show forward, the filming has been located in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Fans will love not only looking for the filming locations but also all of the other great activities and Croatia has to offer.

Jurassic World: All three of the Jurassic Park movies have been filmed on the island of Kauai, Hawaii, with the most recent film being Jurassic World. There are tour companies that have access to the filming grounds and intact sets that you can visit daily.

Lost: The infamous television show about a stranded group of airplane passengers was shot on Police Beach Oahu, Hawaii. There are signs on various portions of the beach to identify filming locations; however, big fans will be able to recognize the filming spots without signs!

The Walking Dead: Filming for the very popular current television show about zombies is shot in Senoia, Georgia. There are guided tours through the standing sets every day. Bellwood Quarry, a survivor’s campsite where Rick reunites with his family, is actually a filming location also used for The Vampire Diaries and Stranger Things.

New York City: The Big Apple gets its own section because there are so many filming locations for famous movies and television shows, the list could go on and on! One of the most infamous is the NYC firehouse where Ghost Busters was filmed. Some popular locations where dozens of movies have been filmed are the New York Public Library, the MET, the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, Central Park, and the Staten Island Ferry. There are guided tours in NYC that will take you to different filming sites and share filming facts and history, which is a favorite of movie buffs!

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Debbie Lee – Certified Travel Consultant (CTC). Debbie has been in the travel industry for more than 25 years and has held various positions. Her responsibilities include coordinating business travel, promoting AurTravel on social media, and handling general office duties. Outer Banks, NC and Disney World are favorite and frequent vacations for her and her family. Some of Debbie’s travel highlights come from living in Ankara, Turkey for two years and finding exciting places to travel each weekend.

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