Money Burning a Hole in Your Pocket?

When I travel, you can bet I have a budget. I’ll drive 10 hours (or maybe more) to my destination if it saves me money on airfare. And sleeping arrangements? Unless I think there might be a dead body stuffed in the mattress, I’ll opt for a cheap hotel if it saves me a few bucks. Such is the life of a single twenty-something, but I don’t mind it…yet!

I do have hopes and dreams that one day I won’t have to be such a penny pincher when it comes to traveling. I can see me now, lounging in first class with a cocktail in hand, soaring to some far away land (preferably a tropical island) where I will stay in a glorious hotel, fit for a queen. How fabulous!

If my dreams are your reality, this blog’s for you! Here are some of the most expensive places to travel:

Seychelles – I don’t know how to pronounce this country, but I do know it’s a country. And within this country is an island called Fregate (located in the Indian Ocean). The island is a private resort with 17 lavish villas that must be rented for a minimum of three days at a cost starting at $1,000 a day.

New York City – Ahhh, a place I can pronounce. Luxury hotels start at $730 a night and a mid-range hotel is a pretty $350 per night. While your wallet is open, head over to Bagatelle for a $1,000 ice cream sundae.

Paris – The city of romance comes with a price tag, and that price tag could read $26,000 for one night at a hotel. If you aren’t affected by sticker shock, this might be the perfect destination for you.

Oslo – Head to the capital of Norway if you want to pay $6 for a bottle of water. Can you imagine the price of a hotel? Oslo is clean and safe, the country is rich in oil, and citizens are well-off which contributes to the tourist industry charging 70 percent higher than world averages.

If you’re looking to lighten your bank account, any one of these destinations will do. Or, you can call the experts at AurTravel and we will be happy to help you find other destinations that strike your fancy. Happy spending!



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