Lesser-Traveled Greek Islands

Greece is a stunning and magical destination. The beaches are beautiful, the buildings are awe-inspiring, and the food is to die for. There are so many small islands in Greece that have yet to see the surge of tourism. Greece is the perfect destination for a romantic getaway such as a destination wedding or a honeymoon. Relax and enjoy your romantic vacation on some of the lesser-traveled Greek islands. AurTravel will help you figure out which islands suit your needs and wants for your next vacation!


The Greek island of Patmos is a World Heritage Site and also known as “Holy Island” by the Greek Parliament. Visit the Cave of the Apocalypse for a history lesson on Saint John or visit the Monastery of Saint John the Theologian. Sitting high atop a hill, the main village Chora gives views of the surrounding water. Since there is no airport in Patmos, the only way to get there is to travel via boat or ferry. It’s an ideal destination for nature lovers with a beautiful coastline, cliffs, and gorgeous beaches. 


Anafi is a great island to explore for those who aren’t fans of big tourist destinations and prefer a more tranquil environment. The island has a very laid back style and only has one village. Getting around the island is quite easy and is primarily accessible by foot. There are so many beautiful beaches to explore, making them the highlight of this island. The island is not only known for its beaches, but also the cliffs and the scenic nature views to enjoy! Visit some highlights such as the temple of Apollo the Anafian, the rock of Kalamos, and the Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi.


Amorgos is also another great Greek island that has been untouched and undisturbed by tourism. This island is great for those who love to hike. Camp on the harbor of Aigiali, and dine at some nearby restaurants. Visit the Monastery of the Virgin Mary Hozoviotissa, near the secluded beach Agia Anna. If you love adventure, scuba dive and maybe even find the shipwreck of the Olympia on the beach of Mouros. Hike around the island and visit the Archaeological Collection of Amorgos, located in Gavras Tower.

Greece is a great place to visit to experience the gorgeous scenery, fabulous beaches, and exquisite food. The islands make a great vacation, especially if you want to get away from the more popular places such as Athens or Mykonos. Visit one of these lesser-traveled Greek islands for a perfect vacation that is both relaxing and breathtaking! Let the experts at AurTravel plan your Greek getaway, call them at 402.891.6909.



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