Road-Tripping like a Pro

Road-tripping may not be your cup of tea, but it is an easy way to travel without spending a ton of money. Road trips can be fun; you just have to have the right attitude! AurTravel has some tips and tricks to make the most out of your journey.

You should always plan your route and stick to it. With that being said, you should take note of where the toll roads are and have cash on you. Snacks along the way can be overpriced at gas stations and rest stops, so pack a cooler of snacks and drinks from home. This way you have more money to spend once you get to your destination.

If you are traveling with others, take turns driving and have everyone chip in for gas money. Try to take a vehicle that gets good gas mileage and use cruise control if your car is equipped with it.

One way to have fun during the trip is to have some music ready to go. You could look up radio stations along the route you plan to take or bring an auxiliary cord or CDs. Music is a great way to pass the time, as are games. You could play the license plate game, where you try to spot a plate from every state. Another fun thing to do while road-tripping is to stop and take pictures at every state sign you come across or at historical markers.

Of course, road trips don’t come without some mishaps sometimes. Make sure to have a spare tire and the necessary equipment in the vehicle, and know how to use it in case of a flat. Also, be careful when crossing state lines. Speeding will get you caught quickly in these areas.

Road-tripping can be super fun, as long as you make it fun! If you are prepared and have a positive attitude, you might be surprised at how many memories you make along the journey! If you have questions about your upcoming road trip or need to find a place to stay, give AurTravel a call at 402-891-6909. We are here to help!


Jessie Curry
Jessie Curry

Jessie is a recent 2018 graduate of University of Nebraska at Omaha’s Theatre department and regularly stage manages and acts in theatre productions in Omaha. She grew up as a Navy kid, living in Sicily and Japan, and traveling everywhere in between. Her favorite part of going to a new destination was the new food she could try. Some of her favorite memories include traveling and making flight attendants and pilots laugh.  Jessie serves as AurTravel’s administrative assistant and runs their social media accounts.

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