Hot Spring Luxury

When you want to get away and relax, spas and hot springs might come to mind. The soothing warm waters infused with minerals are great at restoring energy. Hot springs are enjoyable for everyone.  There are many hot springs around the world; some are natural while others are man-made. Our travel experts are here to help you plan your trip to some of the world’s most beautiful hot springs!

Colorado Ghost Town turned Hot Spring

Dunton Hot Springs in southwest Colorado not only has a beautiful hot spring for guests to enjoy, but luxury cabins surrounded by the gorgeous San Juan Mountains. Dunton was formerly a ghost town, now turned into a relaxing getaway. The hot springs are man-made and range in temperature from 85*F to 106*F. Reservations are highly recommended as the resort is all-inclusive and a popular tourist destination for families.

Tuscany Tours

Another great hot springs destination is the Cascate del Mulino located in Tuscany, Italy. The 15 thermal pools average around 98*F. The waterfalls create an almost dream-like atmosphere for the free attraction, which is enjoyable year-round. The water, however, is sulphuric and smells a bit, but a hot shower after enjoying the springs will rid you of any smell. The water is said to cure respiratory diseases and skin problems. This hot spring is a bit rocky, so be sure to pack some shoes you can wear in the water or sandals of some sort!

Rocky Mountain Relaxing

Banff Upper Hot Springs is open year-round and is part of the Rocky Mountain Hot Spring. Each spring has a different temperature and mineral makeup. The top minerals found in the Banff Upper Hot Springs, which is the hottest of the springs, are sulfate, calcium, bicarbonate, magnesium, and sodium. The Banff Upper Hot Springs is the highest hot spring in Canada, at an elevation of 5,200 feet. The hot springs were discovered in 1883 and soon became a popular tourist destination for those wishing to enjoy the health benefits of the steaming mineral water.

Hot springs are believed to have healing properties that are beneficial for many, and are enjoyed throughout the year in many locations. Hot springs are great to visit when you want to get away, relax, and soak in the hot water. AurTravel’s agents can assist with booking your trip to great hot springs locations. Visit or call 402.891.6909 to book the relaxing getaway you have always dreamed of!

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