Hot Coffee Spots in Seattle (that aren’t Starbucks)

There are a few quintessential things that come to mind when I think of Seattle…the Space Needle, the Pike Place Market, and of course: coffee!  Seattle is home to the mega-giant coffee chain we all know and love (or love to hate), Starbucks. But there is so much more that Seattle has to offer on the coffee front and here at AurTravel we did a little digging to find some local favorites for Seattle dwellers and visitors alike.

  • Espresso Vivace has been a coffee shop staple in Seattle since the late 80s/early 90s. Their strong commitment to ethical bean farming has been their backbone from the beginning. They even switched over to all compostable products in 2019; to-go cups, lids, straws, stir sticks, and bean bags are all great for the environment, which makes you feel even better about grabbing your joe-to-go. I suggest the White Velvet.
  • Caffe Vita started in Seattle in 1995 and has since opened doors in Portland, New York, and Los Angeles. They even hold a free brewing class for the public every month at their roasting facility in Capitol Hill so you can learn how the experts do it. They have six locations in Seattle so make sure to stop by.
  • Oddfellows is a prime brunch stop if you’re in Seattle, especially if you’re looking for some truly gorgeous latte art. They also have a mini sister shop located in the Elliott Bay Book Company and their coffee is sourced in from Caffe Vita.
  • Koffee Sutra is a quaint little coffee hut just on the outskirts of Seattle in Issaquah. They have fresh baked local pastries every day and you will definitely want to give their white coffee a try! I promise it won’t disappoint.
  • Uptown Espresso is the home of the “velvet foam”, a fluffy dome of foam that sometimes pushes the boundaries of gravity atop your mug. They have seven locations in total but if you want to sit for a while to enjoy that delicious drink, be sure to stop by the Delridge or Belltown locations which offers shelves of board games and card games to play while you sip.
  • Slate is a sleek, modern coffee shop that has been serving the Seattle region since 2011. You’ll definitely want to order one of the most popular menu items: the deconstructed latte. It’s served on a dish with three glasses, one containing the espresso, one the milk, and one the final combined product, giving you the chance to truly experience the bursts of flavor from all ingredients and steps.
  • Cherry Street Coffee believes every day should start with a “good morning” and what better way to make your morning good than a great cup of coffee? With 11 cafes in the area, you’re sure to pass one on your visit so make sure to stop in and check out the specialty drink menu; it’s crafted and curated with something new to try every season.
  • Big Foot Java is the place to go if you’re looking for more of a grab and go type coffee situation but still want some quality coffee. Big Foot Java is a larger coffee chain, but still brewing quality coffee with a drive-thru experience so you can get in and out quick and continue on your Seattle adventuring.

Whether you’re looking to sit and sip some pristine latte art or just need a quick cup of joe to go, any of these coffee shops in Seattle can get the job done. Give AurTravel a call at 402.891.6909 and we’ll help you book your Seattle vacation (maybe bring us back a bag of beans!).



Rebekah Swerczek, AurTravelGrowing up in a small Texas town, Rebekah always had the desire to travel and discover as much of the world as possible. After high school, she took her chance. Rebekah joined a performing arts group based out of southern California called The Young Americans. She had the opportunity to perform, teach, and mentor young kids all around the world. With this group Rebekah was able to travel to 11 different countries. She also met her husband while performing with this group and eventually they settled down in Nebraska, but they still love to travel together any chance they get. So far their favorite places are Riviera Maya, Mexico and Northern Michigan, but they still have a few big ticket bucket list items they’d like to mark off their list including: New Zealand, Hawaii, and Scotland. Rebekah is also a huge animal lover and an avid Harry Potter fan. She is the newest addition to the AurTravel team and so happy to be here.

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