Eco-Friendly Trips: Ecotourism is booming!

Saving our earth is easier than you think! Sustainable energy and eco-friendly options are popping up all around the globe. If you want to go green and save the planet while you’re exploring other destinations, we have some great tips and insight for you! Ecotourism is booming and showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. There are several hotels worldwide that are sustainable and earth-friendly, and are on the right path to omitting waste as well as carbon emissions. The agents at AurTravel can help you plan and book your eco-friendly getaway!

Copenhagen, Denmark: Ecotourism Capital 

Copenhagen, Denmark has continued to excel in sustainable solutions since it was named the European Green Capital in 2014. This city is home to the Brochner Hotel Group, which is the world’s first carbon neutral hotel group. With that said, Denmark’s capital city hopes to be the world’s first carbon neutral capital by 2025. Don’t want to walk around Copenhagen? Fully experience ecotourism and try bicycling! Copenhagen is known as the world’s first Bike City, and it is the preferred method of transportation for locals and tourists alike.

eXtreme hotel in Kite Beach, Dominican Republic

Visit Kite Beach in the Dominican Republic and stay at one of the most green hotels in the world! EXtreme Hotel is unique in that it is 100% solar powered! The hotel is ecologically sustainable and activity-oriented. Partake in activities such as surfing, yoga, kite surfing, and horseback riding. Each guest room includes a balcony, private bathroom, and a mosquito screen, perfect for combating bug bites. The four solar power systems generate more than 600 gallons of hot water for guests to utilize. There is also an off-site organic aquaponics farm, which produces some of the food served at the hotel’s restaurant, La Mesa Taina.

Azores Islands: Renewable Energy 

The Azores Islands are made up of nine volcanic islands in Portugal, surrounded by beautiful water. You can scuba dive here and see animals such as dolphins, manta rays, and turtles. The islands have the world’s first 100% renewable grid. That being said, 28% of the electricity on the islands is produced by renewable energy such as geothermal, wind, and hydro. The islands focus on waste management and cultivation to help maintain their eco-friendly strategy. The Azores Islands are a great place to vacation while doing your part to save the planet!

A common theme of these green locations is that they are creating their own energy sources and growing food locally and organically. If you want to have a great experience on your next vacation while saving the earth, ecotourism might just be the perfect choice for you! Eco-friendly travel is something that the agents at AurTravel will assist you in booking. Give us a call at 402.891.6909!

Jessie Curry graduated from the University of Nebraska at Omaha in May 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and regularly stage manages for theatres in Omaha. She grew up as a Navy kid, living in Sicily and Japan, and traveling everywhere in between. Her favorite part of going to a new destination is trying new foods and taking lots of pictures. Jessie serves as AurTravel’s administrative assistant and runs their social media accounts.

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