Choose Your Caribbean Destination

Does the blue sea and white sand beach sound like the perfect destination? Then the Caribbean is the place for your winter vacation. Let AurTravel help you decide the perfect Caribbean destination or island for you.

Dominican Republic
Most travelers imagine the D.R. as an ultimate beach and resort destination. The D.R. will also surprise you with white water rafting, whale watching, waterfall climbing, parasailing, surfing, and windsurfing top the tourism excursions offered on this small island.

U.S. Virgin Islands
Looking for resorts and watersports, hiking and snorkeling, or diving and rum drinking? The U.S. Virgin Islands have something for everyone. St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix are all U.S. territories but each offers a different personality. St. Thomas is mountainous offering views of the island and ocean. St. Thomas is the gateway to St. John; a ferry service connects the two islands. The Virgin Island National Park is on St. John and includes beaches and hiking trails in the forest. St. Croix is well known for diving opportunities. Don’t worry, they offer introductory classes if you are a new diver.

St. Vincent & the Grenadines
This is a group of 32 islands, only nine of which are inhabited. St. Vincent is the largest of this group of islands. This is considered the best place to relax in the sun with a cocktail in your hand.

Turks & Caicos
The biggest pull to Turks and Caicos are the beaches. They are rated the best in the world. With the third largest barrier reef, Turks and Caicos offer vibrant coral and sea life for scuba divers. Finally, the islands average nearly 360 days of sun per year.

If you’d like to head to the Caribbean, call AurTravel at 402-891-6909. Let us match you to your perfect Caribbean destination!

Debbie Lee started working for AurTravel in May 2016 as a Travel Consultant Assistant. She brings more than 20 years’ experience working with corporate travelers and groups tending to all their air, car, and hotel needs. In her free time, Debbie enjoys spending time with her family and watching her children play sports.

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