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Girlfriend Getaway Destinations

Girlfriend’s getaways never go out of style and “because we want to” is the only reason you need. Before you and your girls pack your bags, here are a few location suggestions for your girlfriend getaway.

Out-of-the-Box Hotel Experiences

Instead of planning your sleeping arrangements based on your destination, I encourage you to plan your destination around your sleeping arrangements! It may sound crazy, but there are many out-of-the-box hotels around the world that will create unforgettable memories.

Most-Visited Tourist Attractions

It’s no secret the world is a big place creating endless travel opportunities for us. Sometimes we like traveling to secluded places where there aren’t a lot of people and other times we want to be in the action with thousands of others admiring the sites.

Babymoons – Time for You

If you are expecting a little bundle of joy anytime soon, your thoughts may be going to getting away for a little rest and relaxation before the baby arrives. Since the CDC issued their travel advisories about Zika, many of the traditional babymoon locations are off limits for expectant moms and dads-to-be, leaving many...

London is a marvel of a city

London is a marvel of a city. The town and its environs evoke images of grand landmarks, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, the Palaces, Tower of London and the Ravens. However, London in all its iconic pageantry also holds experiences to cross generations and interests.

It’s Not Just a Souvenir

Memories might fade, but souvenirs last forever! Well, maybe not, but it sounded good. Choosing a souvenir to commemorate your trip is an important decision. What do you want to hold on to that will remind you of your travels?

Caribbean All-Inclusives – Fun for the Entire Family

You’re facing a dilemma. You want to go on vacation, but you have a limited number of vacation days and have to work within a budget. You’d love to take the kids for a family getaway, but you also want to relax without all of the distractions that kids bring. What do you do?

How to Prepare Phone for Travel

When you are preparing for a trip, what’s on your to-do list? Packing, obviously. Finalizing your travel itinerary. Gathering important travel documents. Finding a sitter for your pooch. Laundry. Cleaning your house so you don’t come home to a mess. Those are all pretty typical for me! But you forgot one thing...

Experiential Travel – It’s Nice to Meet You!

Imagine traveling to Tanzania for a safari. Not just any safari, but an in-depth exploration that will cover not only the wildlife, but also a Masai village where you will learn about the local culture and how they are building better lives for themselves and their village. Then you will meet with a National Geographic-sponsored

Experiential Travel – Adventure Awaits!

Adventure tourism has taken off in popularity over the past several years as people seek more thrills from their vacations than simply going on tours or sitting on the beach. An adventure tour can involve physically demanding activities such as rock climbing and kayaking, or activities that provide an adrenaline rush, such as bungee jumping