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Don’t Be Scared To Visit These Destinations

When you’re planning a vacation how often do you choose a destination based on its popularity? Do you assume because a particular destination is popular that it is safe, and destinations you don’t hear much about are unsafe? This all sounds like acceptable reasoning, but I encourage you to learn more about...

If I Had a Million Dollars

Luxury travel offers the best of the best accommodations: gourmet food, intimate experiences, and extravagant service. Imagine champagne in flight, personal butlers, and marble-lined hotel rooms. Treat yourself and splurge on the best you can get!

Travel Destination Trends in 2017

The start of a new year usually means cleaning your bucket list; crossing off things you’ve accomplished and adding new, exciting adventures. If you are running out of ideas to drop in your bucket, travel never goes out of style! Where have you always wanted to go if you had the time and money?

Let’s Take a Cruise Vacation

Whether you are a cruise rookie or veteran, you might be looking for a reason to pack up the family and hop on board! Cruises are a great value for your vacation dollar because (in most cases) they include food, accommodations, and entertainment. Every day you wake up in a new destination...

Military Travel Tips

We salute every member of the Army, Airforce, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard. We realize that the daily sacrifices you make each and every day are made in order to protect our freedom.

Want to go for a walk?

One of the best ways to explore any destination is with your own two feet, so lace up your hiking boots and grab a walking stick – we’re going on an adventure!

This Way to the Emerald Isle

Do you have Irish blood streaming through your veins 365 days a year or just one day a year on St. Patrick’s Day? Whether you are truly Irish or just wish you were, a trip to Ireland is just what you need! No matter what time of year you go, the adventure is limitless.

The Thrill of Victory

Have you ever been watching your favorite sporting event and wished you were there with all the excitement? We think every sports fan has had this thought a time or two and AurTravel can make it happen! We have handpicked a few events that are on the top of the list with many fans...

Golf around the World

Is golf your number one priority while on vacation? Then it’s safe to say you’re a golf enthusiast. Whether you prefer international courses or domestic links, AurTravel has the golf vacation for you.

New Zealand – one of the world’s greatest destinations

New Zealand is a small country, yet one of the world’s greatest tourist destinations. New Zealand consists of two remote islands and many smaller ones. The country offers four seasons for travelers to choose from.