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Traveling Abroad for the Holidays

The holiday season is approaching quicker than you think! Pretty soon the bells are going to be jingling and the snow will be falling. Many people and families plan their travels over the holidays. Their children are out of school and it is the time of year to extend your appreciation to your loved ones. AurTravel provides tips specifically regarding holiday travel.

Table for One, Please

Deciding where to travel on a solo trip can be overwhelming considering your destination options are endless. I’ve created a list of what I think are some of the best places in the United States for solo travelers.

Take a Little Trip with Me

Every person that goes on a cruise is on it for a different reason – relaxation, to getaway, spend time with family and friends, meet new people, entertainment, exquisite food, or shore excursions. I would like to think that my experiences on cruises have been for all of the above.

Frightening Good Times!

October is finally here and Halloween lovers know what this means – haunted houses galore! No matter where you live, you can bet bloodcurdling screams will be heard.

Why Use a Travel Agent?

I have found that with my generation, the millennials, we want knowledge of a destination and we want it now. The Internet assists us with this need. We research several locations, prices, excursions, resorts – the list never ends! But what do we find? An endless cycle of recirculating resorts that all seem the same and inaccurate prices provided by unreliable sources. Planning a vacation can be very stressful, especially if you do not have access to the necessary resources to receive the best prices and information regarding the destination. This is where a travel agent swoops up and saves the day! Travel agents, like us at AurTravel, have those abilities and resources to assist you every step of the way.

Travel Etiquette

Travel etiquette varies depending on the country or destination. Local customs and traditions may be difficult to acclimate yourself to, but it is always helpful to be aware of the cultural differences at your destination. Doing research by checking out online sources and brochures specifically tailored to your holiday can be very beneficial. AurTravel provides you some tips on general travel etiquette that is universal.

Honeymoon Hot Spots

Deciding on the perfect destination for a wonderful week away can be quite a challenge. There are many factors that need to be discussed between you two newlyweds. Hopefully, with the explanation of AurTravel’s selected destinations, we can assist you in finding a location.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun!

No spouse. No children. Just you and your best girlfriends lounging ocean-side or sitting in a hot tub staring at the mountains in front of you. When is the last time you have lived out this scenario? Can you even remember?

Avoiding and Recovering from Jet Lag

Many travelers experience jet lag. Whether the time zone change is a two-hour difference or a 14-hour difference, it still affects you. How can you escape the agony? AurTravel provides a few tips that can help ease your way through jet lag and allow for a more enjoyable vacation.

Kick Off the School Year with Husker Away Games

What season is it? The best season of the year – football season! If you’re thinking about taking a trip to the Nebraska Husker away games, AurTravel can assist you with your arrangements.

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