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Avoiding and Recovering from Jet Lag

Many travelers experience jet lag. Whether the time zone change is a two-hour difference or a 14-hour difference, it still affects you. How can you escape the agony? AurTravel provides a few tips that can help ease your way through jet lag and allow for a more enjoyable vacation.

Kick Off the School Year with Husker Away Games

What season is it? The best season of the year – football season! If you’re thinking about taking a trip to the Nebraska Husker away games, AurTravel can assist you with your arrangements.

Tips for Traveling Internationally

Traveling abroad can go hand-in-hand with an overwhelming preparation process. There are so many precautionary measures that need to be considered before, during, and after your trip. AurTravel provides tips for traveling internationally to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable travel experience.

Where the Fall Colors Are

Picture this: a chilly breeze, the smell of warm apple cider, and the comfort of your favorite sweater. Looks a lot like fall! Watching the leaves change color during the fall season is a favorite activity for many people.

To Travel or Not To Travel

Workaholics are found in every business. YOU may be one of them! Employees are given the chance to take time off, yet they won’t. But why? Free yourself from the daily grind. Consider the following benefits of traveling.

Tips for Traveling Solo

When most people think of taking a vacation, they imagine traveling with a group of friends or family. However, have you ever considered traveling alone? That can be a scary word, especially if you’re visiting an unfamiliar location. But there are many benefits of traveling solo.

Quick Trips for the Labor Day Weekend

Have you ever heard anyone complain about having a three-day weekend? I sure haven’t. Summer time is full of opportunities to travel anywhere you choose over an extended weekend, starting with Memorial Day Weekend, followed by Fourth of July Weekend, and ending with Labor Day Weekend. The first two summer holiday weekends have come and gone, so now is the perfect time to begin making plans for Labor Day Weekend.

Mix It Up This Fourth of July

Town parades, barbeques, and firework shows are usually a few of the activities that come to mind when thinking of the Fourth of July. It is a very busy travel time for many who are going to visit family or take their yearly vacation. Instead of the usual routine, how about mixing it up this year?

Entertaining Children During Long Trips

Kids will be on summer break any day now and that means many families will be hitting the road (or the skies) for vacation. No matter if you’re brave enough to embrace the open road or you prefer flying, it can be a struggle to keep the kiddos entertained on those long trips. Consider these ideas to ensure peaceful travels for all.

Staying Fit While on Vacation

With the summer months approaching, many of us are counting down the days until we leave for our summer vacation. Budgets are set, time-off requests are approved, and dog/house sitters are lined up. But as you prepare for your vacation, are you sure you’ve remembered everything?

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