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Fall In Love with Vietnam

Vietnam is truly a hidden gem and only if you visit the country will you be able to appreciate this destination. Whether it’s a must-see site or an off the beaten path attraction, you will not be disappointed.

Ring in the New Year

The year 2018 is quickly approaching. If you are thinking about celebrating the start of 2018, there’s still some time to book a getaway. From beaches to slopes, we’ve got a few amazing trips to ring out 2017 and ring in 2018.

European Christmas Markets

A Christmas market is a street market celebrating Christmas during the four weeks of Advent. From Brussels to Vienna, these markets specialize in handmade crafts, mulled drinks, and other treats.

Foodie Destinations in the USA

Fabulous food is often what you remember when returning from a trip; let’s make food your main focus on your next vacation!

Basic Economy Fares

In months prior several major airlines have announced the “Basic Economy” fare. It’s geared toward bargain travelers. The Basic Economy fare costs less, but comes with restrictions.

Spring Break 2018

Sure, it’s only September, but spring break will be here before we know it! Now is the perfect time to start thinking about where you want to spend spring break. Once you have decided your destination, make sure to book with AurTravel before it’s too late!

Wellness Vacation

Are you looking for a trip that is dedicated to offering you relaxation and rejuvenation? What about a trip that will fit in a little bit of exercise? How about eating healthy, unbelievably delicious food too?

Travel Apps

Travel can be stressful; Flight delays, language barriers, and much more can all turn a relaxing trip into a stressful trip. Equipping your smartphone with travel apps can make each step of your travels a whole lot less stressful.

Travel Destinations for Singles

Living the single life equals freedom to do what you want, how you want, and when you want. Check out these top vacationing spots for singles hand-picked by AurTravel.


Hawaii is your perfect weather destination: not too hot and not too cold. The temperatures are normally 80-85 degrees. The volcanos, sea turtles, dolphins, and whales will top your scenic views. As you’ll see, Hawaii is one of the best destinations for family vacations. Hawaii offers something for everyone.