Biking Tours

Biking tours are a great way to see almost any country throughout the world, and they’re perfect for everyone; they accommodate beginners, intermediates, experts, and even non-rider partners! There is an option and destination for everyone. They are perfect because it allows you to see a lot of an area in a shorter amount of time; also, you get exercise, exciting adventure, and can make new friends along the way!

We recommend starting to plan your biking tour by first picking the destination you want to cycle through. There are amazing, world famous tours that travel through North and South America, Australia, Europe, Asia, Japan, Africa, and many more places! Would you rather bike the countryside of Ireland or Italy, through big cities in North America, along the coast of Croatia, or through Asia pacific? There are hundreds of options! AurTravel can help narrow down what will be best for your wants and needs.

Once you’ve picked your destination, decide what level of cycler you are. Some bike tour company’s accommodate to every level of biker, while others have ones specific for each level. You’ll also need to decide the length of your biking journey. Do you want to do a bike tour for 5 days or 14 days? You can pick a customized option that best fits your preferences! Some people opt for an active river cruise. There are cruises that you can take where you are guided on bike tours and the boat picks you up at the end of your bike route. Some people like this option over land only bike tours because they can stay on the boat and opt out of the biking one day if they don’t feel like biking. There are so many options; talk to one of our travel agent experts to find your perfect match.

After that all you have left is to prepare for your vacay! Consider a training program if you aren’t already acquainted with cycling. Take a look at the company’s packing guidelines before you leave; some provide helmets, outfits, gloves, etc. while others don’t.

Here are a few tips to make the most out of your cycling vacation:

  • Don’t be afraid to stop. If you are tired and need a rest, go ahead and relax. No one will judge you and leaders should encourage it because it’s healthy and allows you to enjoy all the sites. It’s your vacation!
  • Set your own pace. Don’t feel like you have to kill yourself to catch up or slow down for others. These tours are made for people of all levels so find the pace that is best for you and stick to it.
  • Indulge in the food! You will work off a ton of calories biking every day so don’t feel bad having an extra plate of that European cheese or luxury local food!
  • Take advantage of the ebike option if you are hesitant. The bike will give you just a little bit of an assist with pedaling and can be a great use for beginners or those with knee issues.
  • Leave the phone or iPod in your bag. You don’t need it! Enjoy the views and sounds of your environment while biking around. It’s truly a great time for reflection and enjoying your surroundings.

If you are ready to book some biking tours somewhere across the world, call AurTravel today at 402.891.6909 to talk to one of our professional travel agents.


Debbie Lee – Certified Travel Consultant (CTC). Debbie has been in the travel industry for more than 25 years and has held various positions. Her responsibilities include coordinating business travel, promoting AurTravel on social media, and handling general office duties. Outer Banks, NC and Disney World are favorite and frequent vacations for her and her family. Some of Debbie’s travel highlights come from living in Ankara, Turkey for two years and finding exciting places to travel each weekend.

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