Best Travel shows to watch while in Quarantine

We’re living in a pretty scary world right now. Many of us are confined to our homes to try and keep healthy and safe and our lives look pretty different now than they did even just a month ago. We know there are many trips and travel plans that have been cancelled because of this virus and we know you’re bummed (we certainly are). During this crazy time, we at AurTravel are trying to get our travel fix where we can, and since most of us have a little more free time at home right now, we wanted to share with you some great shows to help satiate that travel bug.

Tales by Light
A Netflix original docuseries about different photographers traveling to some of the most beautiful places on our planet. A camera crew follows them and shows their process of capturing the perfect shot. There are currently 3 seasons available with 6 episodes per season. If you want to see some truly breath-taking imagery, this show is for you. (Available on Netflix)

Restaurants on the Edge
This show is kind of like a cooking show, a makeover show, and a travel show all in one. It follows a restaurateur, a designer, and a chef who are invited to makeover restaurants that are in prime real estate locations but are somehow failing. The team helps the restaurants thrive and survive in these beautiful locations, including Malta, Costa Rica, St Lucia, and more. It just started airing in 2020 and there are 6 episodes so far. (Available on Netflix)

Travel Man: 48 Hours In…
If you need a good laugh (and who doesn’t right now) this show is sure to guarantee a few giggles. English comedian, Richard Ayoade, visits a different town with a different celebrity for 48 hours to have as many adventures and experiences as they can in that limited time. There are 7 seasons available and anywhere from 4-8 episodes per season, so there is plenty of content to keep you entertained. (Available on Hulu)

Secrets of Great British Castles
Follow the host and historian, Dan Jones, as he walks you through the history and legends of some of the most iconic castles throughout all of Great Britain. Season 2 is currently available on Netflix with 6 episodes, starting with one of my personal favorites, Edinburgh Castle. If you have any interest in British history, this is the show for you. (Available on Netflix)

The Bucket List Family
This vlog is about a family’s journey and goal to travel the world. In 2015 they sold their home and possessions and went on an adventure of a lifetime. They have tons of content to entertain you during your quarantine. Follow this family as they travel the world and even add to their family along the way. (Available on YouTube)

These are just a few of the delightful travel shows that can help you get through this trying time, but we know there are plenty more. Let us know if you have any other favorites that you can recommend. And as always, we are here for you and we look forward to helping you plan and book your next adventures again just as soon as possible. Maybe you’ll get some inspiration from one of these shows?



Rebekah Swerczek, AurTravelGrowing up in a small Texas town, Rebekah always had the desire to travel and discover as much of the world as possible. After high school, she took her chance. Rebekah joined a performing arts group based out of southern California called The Young Americans. She had the opportunity to perform, teach, and mentor young kids all around the world. With this group Rebekah was able to travel to 11 different countries. She also met her husband while performing with this group and eventually they settled down in Nebraska, but they still love to travel together any chance they get. So far their favorite places are Riviera Maya, Mexico and Northern Michigan, but they still have a few big ticket bucket list items they’d like to mark off their list including: New Zealand, Hawaii, and Scotland. Rebekah is also a huge animal lover and an avid Harry Potter fan. She is the newest addition to the AurTravel team and so happy to be here.

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