Best Gifts for Travelers

With the holidays just around the corner, AurTravel thought we’d put together a list of some of the best gifts you can get for the frequent travelers in your life! From stocking stuffers to airport must-haves, we’ve got something for everyone on this list.

  1. Travel Pillow – Never underestimate the usefulness of a good travel pillow. Whether you’ve got a long layover in the airport or you just need a quick snooze on your flight, a travel pillow can be a lifesaver. You can fit them into or attach them to most carry-ons and I’m sure your neighbor would much prefer that to a strangers head on their shoulder during the flight.
  2. Noise Cancelling Headphones – Although some may come with a hefty sticker price, they are so worth the expense. Airplanes can be incredible noisy (especially if you end up with a seat towards the back) so straining your ears to try and hear your music or movie on a plane can be a huge detriment to your ears. Getting a pair of good noise cancelling headphones can help relieve a lot of that strain. And they’re especially helpful for young children or first time fliers who aren’t quite accustomed to the loud noises and ear popping effects of being 31,000 feet in the air.
  3. Popsocket or Selfie Stick – This one may seem a little silly, but they can really be a huge help when trying to take some vaca pics. You don’t want to drop your phone into the rushing waters at Niagara Falls or over the ledge at the top of the London Eye. Both Popsockets and Selfie Sticks will help you keep a better grip. Popsockets can be especially fun because you can find so many different varieties available at stores like Wal-Mart or Target, or you can personalize an order online.
  4. Packing Cubes – For those slightly unorganized friends and family members on your list, packing cubes make organizing your suitcase a no brainer. There are so many different varieties of sizes and shapes you really can’t go wrong with anything. It helps to save space in your suitcase and you don’t have to go rummaging through a giant mess to find a pair of socks.
  5. Collapsible Water Bottle – Whether your traveler is going on a month-long backpacking trek or just has a two hour layover in the airport, a collapsible water bottle is the perfect gift. You can’t take any liquids over three ounces through security at the airport and most airports charge triple what you’d normally pay for a bottle of water. Having a reusable bottle that you can refill from a drinking fountain will save you tons of money, plus it’s much better for the environment. Getting one that’s collapsible is an even bigger bonus because it takes up almost no space at all in a carry on.
  6. Personalized Bag Tags – Waiting for your suitcase at baggage claim is one of the worst and most monotonous experiences. What makes it even worse? You thinking you saw your bag, but really it was just the 38th big black suitcase to come down the queue. Having a personalized bag tag to attach to your suitcase makes it stand out much more. There are so many options available! My husband and I have Harry Potter bag tags that are bright yellow and green (bonus points if you know which houses we are in based on those colors) and it’s so much easier to discern which bags are ours when waiting for them at baggage claim.
  7. Airline Gift Cards – It may seem unthoughtful to get someone a gift card, but when it can go toward their next trip or dream vacation, I’m sure your frequent traveler will be so thrilled to see their favorite airline gift cards at the bottom of their stocking. You can purchase gift cards from almost anywhere these days and even send them digitally so if it’s for an out of town family member, it’s one of the easiest things to send. And who knows, maybe they can even use that gift card to actually come home for the holidays!


We hope this list has given you a few good gift ideas for the travelers in your life. And if it hasn’t, you can always purchase them an AurTravel gift card and we can help plan their next trip for them! Give us a call at 402.891.6909.



Rebekah Swerczek, AurTravelGrowing up in a small Texas town, Rebekah always had the desire to travel and discover as much of the world as possible. After high school, she took her chance. Rebekah joined a performing arts group based out of southern California called The Young Americans. She had the opportunity to perform, teach, and mentor young kids all around the world. With this group Rebekah was able to travel to 11 different countries. She also met her husband while performing with this group and eventually they settled down in Nebraska, but they still love to travel together any chance they get. So far their favorite places are Riviera Maya, Mexico and Northern Michigan, but they still have a few big ticket bucket list items they’d like to mark off their list including: New Zealand, Hawaii, and Scotland. Rebekah is also a huge animal lover and an avid Harry Potter fan. She is the newest addition to the AurTravel team and so happy to be here.

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