Benefits of Traveling During Hurricane Season

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There are some great benefits to traveling during hurricane season that can definitely outweigh the worries. As long as you plan wisely, booking a vacation to a tropical destination between June 1st and November 30th can be a great decision.

Many resorts, car rentals, airfares, and local activities offer discounted prices during hurricane season. This can end up saving you quite a bit on your overall vacation. Also, there are usually substantially fewer tourists on vacation during this season; this allows you better choices for spots around the pool, preferred dinner reservation times, and less crowded beaches. Even better yet, when a hurricane is not approaching, weather is usually the most gorgeous in these tropical locations during hurricane season. There is also plenty of rainfall which fosters lush growth of the terrain creating beautiful colors and breathtaking views.

Even if a hurricane is headed to your location you will have plenty of notice to prepare or evacuate. Usually, meteorologists can track hurricanes out about a week ahead of time, giving you plenty of time to change plans. This is also why booking with AurTravel is a great choice; we can adjust your travel for you in order to accommodate new weather updates.

Traveling during hurricane season can really be a smart choice as long as you are prepared and informed. Here are a few great preparation tips. First, travel insurance is always a smart choice but can really save you during hurricane season. It can give you piece of mind that your money will be covered in the small chance that a hurricane does arrive. However, you must purchase it before a hurricane is named because after that you will not be able to purchase coverage against that storm. Secondly, it is also important to know your hotel’s hurricane policies as well, and we can help you interpret them to understand their hurricane cancellation policies. Finally, track the weather prior to leaving for your trip and stay up to date on local weather during your trip in order to be fully prepared. As long as you follow these few tips, your travels during hurricane season are sure to go smoothly.

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