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Visit the Great Barrier Reef before It’s Gone

We’ve all heard of the Great Barrier Reef and have probably seen photographs. But how many have actually visited this amazing, natural phenomenon? Sadly, due to many causes, the reef is slowly declining in size, color, and wildlife.

Island Hopping in the Mediterranean

Have you ever dreamed of relaxing in the laid back Mediterranean islands? Always wanted to soak up that Greek/Croatian culture and indulge in all the different types of food? Now’s your chance!

Top Snorkeling Destinations in the World

Most people have heard of the Great Barrier Reef as one of the world’s best snorkeling destinations, but what about the rest of the world? Surely, there has to be some that are just as amazing and unforgettable!

Biking Tour Vacations

Bike tours are a great way to see almost any country throughout the world, and they’re perfect for everyone; they accommodate beginners, intermediates, experts, and even non-rider partners! There is an option and destination for everyone.

Mother – Daughter Trips

Mother and daughter vacations are always a good idea! Whether you want to spoil your mother for providing you such a great life or you want to make memories with your daughter before she grows up and starts a life of her own, mother and daughter trips are excellent excuses to escape everyday life and

Traveling with Food Allergies

Traveling with food allergies can be difficult, scary, and downright stressful! I understand as I have had celiac disease for over 15 years now. Finding food options at home can be challenging, let alone in a foreign country, with foreign cuisine and languages!

Fishing Destinations Worldwide

Love fishing? Love vacation? If so, AurTravel has the perfect vacation idea for you! Visit any one of these unique destinations that offer world renowned fishing.

Super Bowl 2019

This NFL season’s Super Bowl will be held on February 3, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia. It will take place in the brand new Mercedes-Benz Stadium, which opened in 2017. The huge stadium can hold a whopping 80,000 fans with its expanded seating.

Washington D.C.

Visiting Washington, D.C. is a perfect trip for people of all ages! There is something for every person in your group to enjoy.

Surfing across the World

For many people, surfing is more than just a simple water sport; it’s their way of life, their culture, a worshiped art.