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Planning ahead can save you money and headaches when flying.  Most airlines allow one free carry-on, and charge around $20 for your first checked bag. When in doubt, the experts at AurTravel know all about bags!

Here are some of the general rules of luggage:

Carry-on luggage:  Most airlines allow one piece of carry-on luggage plus a purse, briefcase, or laptop computer bag.  Your carry-on must allow for storage in the overhead compartments or under the seat in front of you.  It cannot exceed 45 linear inches (9 inches by 14 inches by 22 inches).

Checked luggage:  Maximum of 50 pounds and 62 linear inches per piece.

Charges for checked baggage vary depending on the airline you fly, an average cost includes:

1st checked bag:  $20-25 per bag

2nd checked bag:  $30-35 per bag

3rd checked bag:  $100-125 per bag

Overweight bag:  $50-125 per bag

Oversize bag:       $75-$150 per bag

International travel:  Most airlines allow the first bag free on travel to Mexico and Europe.

Money saving tips:

  • Weigh your luggage.  It’s less expensive to take two bags versus paying overweight charges.
  • Pre-pack, then take about half of your shoes out of the suitcase, really you won’t wear them all.
  • Pre-pay baggage fees.  You can save around $5 with most airlines by prepaying your baggage fees.
  • Book through your travel agent, they can help you navigate the baggage fees, and help you choose the airline that saves you money.

Kim Roche  – AurTravel

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