Airbnb: Is It a Good or Bad Idea?

The last thing someone needs is a sketchy or unpredictable lodging situation while on vacation. Airbnb has been gaining popularity over the past few years, but travelers should use caution when assessing where to stay. Airbnb may be a cheaper alternative for travelers, but our experts at AurTravel can assist with booking excellent accommodations within your budget and without the risk associated with Airbnb.

Some hosts could be suspicious characters, although Airbnb usually tries to do checks on hosts. You could face discrimination, poor customer service, and a lack of professionalism. Travelers do not really know what their experience will be like beforehand. Some places have a minimum stay period, which may not work for all travel plans.

Although it is extremely rare, Airbnb hosts could cancel on you last minute, leaving you scrambling to find lodging. Another downfall of booking through Airbnb is your privacy being limited. If you have a private room, you may share a bathroom with others that are also staying in the residence.

With hotels, you know exactly what you are paying for and getting. Hotels offer extra amenities such as shampoo and conditioner, or a toothbrush if you left yours at home. With an Airbnb, if you forgot those items, chances are you’ll have to make a trip to a store yourself. Hotels usually have security cameras and personnel, should an issue arise. The top priority for hotel staff is their guests, and safety and overall experience are taken seriously.

Another thing to keep in mind regarding Airbnb is there are extra charges on top of the nightly rate, such as a service fee and a cleaning fee. Prices start to add up quickly and leave customers spending much more than they had originally intended.

Don’t let a risky lodging situation ruin your next trip. You can trust the staff at AurTravel to book you a great place to stay that is within your budget and without safety concerns. Call us at 402-891-6909 to discuss your upcoming travel needs!


Jessie Curry
Jessie Curry

Jessie Curry Jessie is a recent 2018 graduate of University of Nebraska at Omaha’s Theatre department and regularly stage manages and acts in theatre productions in Omaha. She grew up as a Navy kid, living in Sicily and Japan, and traveling everywhere in between. Her favorite part of going to a new destination was the new food she could try. Some of her favorite memories include traveling and making flight attendants and pilots laugh.  Jessie serves as AurTravel’s administrative assistant and runs their social media accounts.

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