Give the Gift of Travel

Planning gifts for the next holiday season, birthday, or wedding? Why not consider giving the gift of travel? AurTravel has some tips that will help you give the best gift ever! 

When giving the gift of travel it may be difficult to pick departure dates for someone else. The solution? Wrap a travel brochure and an AurTravel gift certificate and let our experienced staff do the rest of the work.   

When purchasing a gift certificate from AurTravel, make sure you know the cost of the trip you are paying for. It will make everything easier for you and the recipient.    

Are wedding bells ringing? Give the happy couple a piece of their honeymoon as a wedding gift. First, find out the couple’s destination. Then you can give them a gift card for a restaurant or a spa appointment at their resort or pay for an activity or tour.   

Trying to surprise your family with a family vacation? We suggest you pick the destination but leave a few items for the family to choose together, such as specific activities. Not only will they be excited about the upcoming trip, but they’ll enjoy being able to personalize it!  

You don’t have to be a travel expert to give the gift of travel. That’s what AurTravel is for! Call us at 402-891-6909 and let us help you wrap your next travel gift!

Debbie Lee started working for AurTravel in May 2016 as a Travel Consultant Assistant.  She brings over 20 years experience working with corporate travelers & groups tending to all their air, car and hotel needs.  In her free time Debbie enjoys spending time with her family, and watching her children play sports. 

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