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Fishing Destinations Worldwide

Love fishing? Love vacation? If so, AurTravel has the perfect vacation idea for you! Visit any one of these unique destinations that offer world renowned fishing. All of these destinations listed are famous for a certain type of fishing and they have plenty of other interesting activities to make for a great vacation.

Chalk Streams, England: If you are looking for an English fisherman experience, than look no further than the Chalk Streams! The chalk streams are a bunch of shallow, wide streams and rivers that are all located in a small region of the country. The water is completely clear because the chalk absorbs all the debris. So clear in fact that most call them gin clear waters. The streams have adorable mini English villages filled with cottages sporadically placed along the streams. These streams are most popular with fly fisherman and the trout they catch is amazing! The greenery and countryside meadows surrounding provide for an all-around amazing experience.

Lizard Island, Australia: Not only will you be immersed in some of the world’s best fishing, but you will also be pampered at a luxury resort on the island. It is located just off of the coast of Queensland, Australia. This means that you will also be surrounded by the Great Barrier Reef; so plenty of snorkeling and swimming await you! The area boasts about its amazing black marlin fishing. Visit here between September and December for the best fishing.

Halong Bay, Vietnam: Halong is a great spot to fish for something rather unique and exciting: octopus! The bay waters have huge rock isles towering up with greenery growing all over them; it is quite a beautiful view. There are floating fishing villages to visit on your trip here as well as caves. You can even delve a little into history as this area has been inhabited since around 16,000 B.C.

Christmas Island, Australia: This unique fishing destination is a fun one! Bonefish are the go-to catch at this destination! There are plenty of charters, boats, or guides to take out in the ocean to fish here. You can also partake in some fun snorkeling, swimming, or walking through the rainforests on shore. If you come during October/November there is a good chance you will see the great migration of the famous huge red crabs from inland to the ocean where they will lay their eggs and return to land. There will be literally thousands of these crabs crossing streets/bridges/etc. in order to reach the ocean and it is a powerful and amazing sight to see.

Lake Allen Henry, Texas: This is truly the perfect place if you are looking for an all-American lake fishing experience. It is a small lake where fishing, swimming, boating, tubing, skiing, and more are all enjoyed! Bass is the fish that is most popular to catch here.

If you are looking to go on a fishing trip (whether you are experienced or a newbie), AurTravel is ready to plan the perfect fishing trip for you! Call one of our travel experts today to start building your vacation at 402.891.6909.

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