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Traveling with Disabilities

Don’t let the stress and frustrations of creating travel accommodations deter you from booking your vacation. AurTravel is here to help you through the whole process and ensure your vacation goes as smoothly as possible. Here are a few very helpful tips to follow when traveling with disabilities.

  1. Plan & Book Early: Attempt to book your travel plans (at least hotel) as soon as possible. Some hotels around the world only have a few accessible rooms and they do become booked up quickly. We will also make sure to give you at least 90 minutes between connecting flights in order to allow you adequate time for transport between planes.
  2. Communicate with Airlines: We will be sure to notify the airlines when we book your tickets of your specific accommodations required. It will be helpful for you to again remind them upon your arrival to the airport. Try to be as clear and specific as possible in order to receive the accommodations you need to make you feel most comfortable.
  3. Doctor’s Note: Ask your doctor for an official note (with a letterhead if possible) stating your needs, medications, and any other information that can be used as proof of needing accommodations. Also, include a phone number for others to reference in case someone is stubborn.
  4. TSA Notification Card: Check out this website in order to create a card that allows you to notify TSA agents discretely if you would like a private area to conduct your screening with accommodations.
  5. Chair and Accessories: Try to bring your narrowest chair; some foreign countries have tight walkways. Carry any of your detachable parts with you in a bag on the plane in order to prevent damage or loss when your chair is checked. Also, bring along a spare parts kit in case anything happens while you are on vacation.
  6. Mobility International USA Website: Browse this website for useful resources regarding accommodation’s offered at your destination. This will help you prepare.
  7. Plan Transport Ahead of Time: We can help you find local transportation that will work great for you ahead of time to ensure availability on the day you need it.

Here is where working with AurTravel will really come in handy. We will do a lot of the research and communicate with all necessary parties (transportation, hotel, activity guides, etc.) in order to ensure you have all the assistance and accommodations you need. Just be sure to communicate with us before-hand about everything you want to get out of this trip so we can best tailor it to your wants and needs.

Call AurTravel at (402) 891-6909. We are eager to create your dream vacation today!

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