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Beauty Must-Haves for Travel

You’ve planned for this trip for months and you want to look your best in every picture! Make sure you don’t forget any of your essential beauty products at home. Depending on where you travel, it can be difficult to find drug stores that supply your daily beauty products. Check out this list of beauty must-haves for your future travels:

Lotion: Many vacations are to warm and dry locations such as the beach. Bring your favorite lotion to keep your skin moisturized.

Hairspray: Touring a city or site means you are exposed to the elements. Pack a bottle of hairspray to keep your hair in place through rain, shine, wind, and humidity.

Foundation: Be sure to pack a travel sized foundation in order to powder your face while you are out and about.

Perfume/deodorant: Sometimes you may get a little sweaty while walking around your destination. Travel sized perfumes and deodorants are perfect for putting in your purse during your excursions so you can reapply when needed.

Mini manicure kit: We’ve all been there; you pay a lot of money to make your nails beautiful before vacation and then one breaks the first day. Packing a miniature manicure kit so you can file your nail or fix a cuticle is a great idea to prevent nail emergencies.

Dry shampoo: Washing your hair takes time. Wash, dry, style, and one hour (or more) later you’re finally ready. Who has time for that on vacation? Utilize dry shampoo to save time getting ready so you can have more fun exploring!

Setting spray: If you haven’t tried setting spray, you definitely need it for your next vacation. Spray it on after you finish your makeup and it seals your makeup to ensure a flawless look all day.

Sunscreen/Aloe Vera: This seems like a given, but it can be so easily forgotten. Not only do sunscreen and Aloe prevent sunburn emergencies, but they also help your skin from wrinkling in the long run.

Face wash: No one wants to see a stubborn pimple on their face while looking back at vacation photos from years ago. Make sure to wash your face regularly during your trip to keep your skin healthy.

Eye cream: If your trip is full of fun adventures, you may become tired after your daily itineraries. Make sure to pack eye cream to brighten those under eyes.

Important note! If you wish to travel with any of the liquids above in your carry-on, make sure it meets the 3-1-1 rule. Make sure each container is smaller than 3 ounces, in a 1 quart size zip-lock, and only 1 bag of these isolated liquids per traveler. Pressed makeup powder must be less than 12 ounces if carried on as well (a new TSA rule). If you cannot meet these requirements, simply pack it in your checked baggage.

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