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Solo Adventure Travel

Everyone should take a solo trip at least once in their lives; it allows you to personalize your adventures to your own preferences without worrying about the agenda of others. You can journey off on excursions at your convenience while possibly meeting other solo travelers along the way. Make your solo trip even more exciting by traveling to the following destinations where many adrenaline pumping, breath taking adventures await.

Queenstown (New Zealand)

Queenstown is by far the ultimate destination for solo adventurers. There are thrilling excursions that are sure to get your adrenaline pumping as well as more relaxed hiking adventures for travelers who enjoy easy going adventure. Queenstown even has the biggest swing free fall located over the Neus River valley for those daredevils out there. You may also enjoy scenic hang gliding, bungee jumping, zip lining, sky diving, jet boating, canoeing, and white water rafting. The adventures are limitless in Queenstown with the helicopter and flight tours of the surrounding forests, Alps, rivers, and canyons.

Masai Mara (Kenya)

Look no further than Masai Mara for a thrilling safari experience. Solo vacations to this destination are some of the most interactive and adventurous. Enjoy a hot air balloon tour over the safari with breathtaking views of the grasslands, seasonal riverlets, and infamous acacia African trees. Visit a national park for an educational tour of the land and ecosystems or take a 3 day walking/jeep tour through the surrounding villages to soak up all of the authentic culture. Finally, visit the game reserve lands to experience up close and personal the awe inspiring wildlife including lions, leopards, cheetahs, wildebeests, and giraffes.

Alaska (USA)

Have you ever dreamed of traveling across the chilly frosted landscape on a sled pulled by dogs? Travel to Alaska to take a 1-5 day trip across the land with a professional guide to teach you the tricks of sled travel. You will also enjoy cozy bonfires and meals with the new people you meet within your group. You can also hike across or kayak around the colossal and magnificent glaciers. There are other options to horseback ride along the coast and through the Gold Rush National Park; this offers amazing views of mountains, streams, and wildflowers. Off road jeep tours also offer great views of wildlife.

Bali (Indonesia)

Paraglide for three unforgettable hours over the lush landscape of Bali. Enjoy an elephant ride through the jungle and villages surrounding Bali. Step out of your comfort zone and take an ATV, buggy, or raft trip through the rivers and villages to take in the mysterious beauty of the countryside. Take day trips to the beautiful crystal clear waters of the coral reefs, climb up the famous hillside irrigation farms, and visit the fascinating Buddhist temples.

All of these experiences are perfect for a person wishing to make a solo trip across the world. Don’t miss out on these once in a lifetime experiences; book your adventurous solo travel vacation today by calling AurTravel at (402) 891-6909.

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