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Baby Boomer R&R Travel

You have worked hard your entire life at your day job, all while raising your kids and grandkids! Finally, liberate yourself from the hassles of everyday life with a relaxing and restorative vacation. There are many benefits to baby boomers taking a trip including releasing stress, improving physical and emotional health, and improving personal relationships. You have many options to choose from to make your tranquil trip personalized to your specific interests and needs.

First of all, you can choose to travel either domestically or internationally. Domestic travel saves you from the hassles of language and cultural barriers; however, international travel provides you with unforgettable new experiences surrounded by amazing new cultures and views. Some popular domestic destinations are California, Alaska, and Hawaii. Popular international destinations include Europe, Mexico, Italy, Australia, and Canada.

You may also plan your trip around a particular theme. Thankfully the choices are endless. Luxury travel allows you the amenities you couldn’t have afforded in your younger years; splurge in high-end luxury cruises or treat yourself to 5-star resorts and spas located in remote exotic regions. Plan an ancestral trip to experience your family’s ancestral land and culture. Take a spiritual trip to visit your religion’s holy grounds and make holy treks. Take an educational trip such as an American river cruise where you learn about American history and visit the places where the stories occurred.

Cruises are a very popular vacation choice for many baby boomers. Enjoy a short 3-day cruise for a quick getaway or, since you may now be retired, indulge in a long journey around the world to experience as many different places and cultures possible.

Begin crossing off lines from your travel bucket list and finally experience some of your younger passions. Learn the language you always wanted while on a trip to that foreign land; learn to finally cook Italian food in nowhere better than Italy; learn to snorkel on a trip to an exotic island.

Take a multigenerational trip; make new memories with your grandchildren that they will remember for the rest of their lives. Multigenerational travel is not only a fun vacation but also allows for strengthening of family bonds as well.

Finally, don’t forget to include a little adventure. There are many excursions that include “soft adventures”. These adventures are made for varying fitness levels and are substantially less risky while still providing unforgettable experiences such as hiking, rafting, and climbing.

Baby boomers, call AurTravel today at (402) 891-6909 to book your R&R vacation!

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