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Middle East Travel

The Middle East is a transcontinental region that is a popular destination for those wishing to embrace different cultures and old religions. It is the birthplace of many world religions and civilizations. This area spans Western Asia, Turkey, and Egypt and includes a wide variety of activities and destinations. Here are a few of the most popular cities:

Tehran: This is a massive metropolitan area housing 15 million people. Some of the popular sites here include palaces built under monarchy rule and national museums.

Jerusalem: Being a holy site to three world religions, Jerusalem is a popular destination for religious travelers. There are many tombs, temples, and monasteries to visit. The Old City is another very popular place to visit because it is filled with ottoman period culture.

Tel Aviv: Known as the “party capital”, this city is known for its night life.

Dubai: This is the most modern city located in the Middle East and has some amazing buildings to view including the world’s tallest building.

Some other must-see sites within the Middle East include the following:

Dead Sea: Here visitors can soak in the saltiest sea, allowing tourist’s bodies to effortlessly stay afloat. The mud is also very high in minerals; many visitors apply it to their face as a mask. It is bordered by Jordan on the East and Palestine and Israel on the West; here tourists can stay in hotels and spas. There is also a popular golf course called Sodom and Gomorrah to enjoy.

Petra: One of the new world wonders, this area has many different buildings and architectural sites to visit. There is a theater built into the rock mountainside that can fit 4,000 guests, multiple tombs and temples, as well as many other massive ancient buildings all available to visitors through walking tours.

Krak des Chevaliers: The famous, massive fortress built by the Crusaders is a very popular Middle East tourist destination. Here you can take an inexpensive tour of the very significant medieval military architectural towers. Visit during sunrise or sunset to see beautiful views from atop the hillside.

Sea of Galilee: This is the largest fresh water lake in Israel, which is fed by the infamous Jordan River (also a popular spot for Christian tourists wishing to be baptized here). This Sea is best known for its history in the New Testament. You can hike through the Jesus trail that takes visitors through important sites that Jesus traveled. Visit the beaches to swim and eat many popular fish dishes.

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