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Canadian Rail Travel

Trains allow tourists to experience many of Canada’s most beautiful views in a short amount of time, all while relaxing from the comfort of their own seat. Here are four of the most popular trains tourists enjoy:

The Ocean: This train journey takes tourists on a trip along the ocean side. You can enjoy breathtaking views of the hazy horizon along the ocean and countryside. The trip begins in Montreal and ends in Halifax. It lasts approximately 23 hours, providing for 1 day and 1 night’s enjoyment on board. This trip is known as one of the most relaxing train tours of Canada. Don’t miss out on the deep blue tranquil marine sights.

The Polar Bear Express: Departing in Cochrane in the morning, arriving in Moosonee by lunch, and back to the start all by 10:00 pm; this express train takes you on a wonderful excursion. Once in Moosonee, travelers are given four hours to tour the city including Southern James Bay and Shipsands Island. While the name is deceiving, as polar bears are almost never seen on this route, this express route is filled with magnificent views of the snowy tundra. It is a popular train for those trying to reach northern areas that do not have normal road access.

Across Canada by Train: This 5 day, 5 night journey across Canada begins in Toronto and ends in Vancouver. It stops at Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Jasper, and Kamloops along the way. This is a popular trip for those looking to see the wide variety of views that Canada has to offer. There are four different tickets available for purchase: economy, sleeper seats, sleeper roomettes, and sleeper bedrooms. Throughout the excursion, travelers can sit in the observation dome car for a full view of the surroundings. There are also restaurant cars with amazing cuisine available. Travelers will be able to experience the picturesque lakes, overgrown forests, waterfalls, and mountains dispersed throughout the Canadian landscape.

The Far North: The far north train journey is an adventurous route to experience the rural arctic areas of Canada. This 2 day, 2 night trip allows travelers exquisite views of the northern lights and wild polar bears. Beginning in Winnipeg and ending in Churchill, this frosty trip is a must for adventuresome individuals. Once in Churchill, tourists can kayak while listening to the songs of Beluga whales and explore the immense lush landscape.

If you are interested in relaxing on an unforgettable tour of Canada, call AurTravel at (402) 891-6909 today to book your exciting expedition.

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