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River Cruising in America

River cruising is becoming an increasingly popular vacation in America. The many cruises incorporate everything from spas to history lessons to fine dining and entertainment. They really are for the whole family. It’s also a great alternative to ocean cruising for those who are prone to sea sickness; the waters in these rivers are quite calm. You are able to customize your journey; each cruise line offers a variety of cruise lengths ranging from 5 to 23 days long, with multiple destinations, many different room options, and various land excursions at each stop. These river cruises are a perfect choice for culture enthusiasts; you will be taken back through time for a memorable journey in storybook American sites.

Below are listed two of the most popular cruise lines options:

American Cruise Lines: This company offers five different destinations/themes. They include Mississippi, New England, Pacific Northwest/Alaska, Southeast, and special theme cruises. Civil War, Mark Twain, Crabfest, Holiday, Nashville, and Tulip are just some of the 13 specialty themed cruises offered. American Cruise Lines is known for its focus on early American history, antiquity, and landscape; this can be seen throughout each ships décor and entertainment. As an added bonus, most rooms also have private balconies for your own secluded relaxation.

American Queen Steam Boat: This cruise line offers four destination cruises. They include Upper Mississippi, Lower Mississippi, Ohio/Tennessee, and Columbia/Snake River. This company is known for its elegant iconic steam boats. The American Queen Vessel, one of their three boats, has a luxury spa on board for your therapeutic relaxation. Each boat also has ornate classical American theaters where award winning entertainment is performed each evening. The Upper Mississippi cruise offers breathtaking views of fall foliage and sightings of bald eagles throughout America’s heartland. Enjoy the Lower Mississippi cruise if you have an appeal for the southern way of life and American battlefield history. The Ohio/Tennessee cruise is best for those wishing to visit quaint river towns. Travel along the journey Lewis and Clark took with the Columbia/Snake River cruise.

If you are interested in experiencing some American culture aboard a relaxing American river cruise, call AurTravel today at (402) 891-6909 to set up your next voyage.

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