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Expedition Cruising

Do you crave adventure and enrichment? Do you love the experiences gained from a shore excursion during a cruise? Then, expedition cruising would be a perfect fit for you. An expedition cruise is basically a one week long extraordinary, once in a lifetime shore excursion. The first few days are filled with on board entertainment while your ship travels to your destination. The following days are spent exploring the land, culture, history, ecology, wildlife, and much more, all on land. Then you cruise back home and recap all that you have learned, experienced, and enjoyed while you relax and enjoy on board amenities.

There are options all over the world for destinations: the rainforest, the Arctic, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Africa, Norway, Caribbean, Alaska, Greek Isles, and Northeast America. Hike through the glaciers, encounter penguins, photograph humpback whales, and kayak through the icy ocean all in the Arctic and Antarctica. Bike through river towns, visit Buddhist temples, hike volcanoes, encounter exotic wildlife, and visit mysterious waterfalls, tribal ritual lands, and beautiful lakes all in Asia. Enjoy a more laid back trip through the Caribbean while exploring sandy beaches and ocean life. Take helicopter flights directly off your ship in Australia while exploring the immense lush landscape, waterfalls, coral reefs, and old rock paintings.

Expedition cruises are also a unique experience because they utilize smaller ships that can reach more remote, less traveled destinations for off the beaten path discoveries. They also allow for smaller groups on daily excursions allowing you to have much more assistance from the experts in many fields. Many cruise lines also provide all the equipment needed, such as cameras, snow gear, etc., to get the most out of your excursions. Because the ships are smaller and the trips are focused more on expedition, some of the luxuries of the larger more laid back cruises are not included. However, you will not miss these amenities when you are standing just feet away from a polar bear, standing atop a glacier, or among the fish along a coral reef. There are also options for a more luxurious exploration with cruise lines such as Silversea Cruises where luxury amenities are not forgone for the sake of expedition. Some cruise lines offer expedition cruises with as little as 15 travelers making for a much more intimate, private trip.

Many expedition cruises are partnered with experts such as National Geographic in order to have professional experts on board to guide your journey. During your travels towards your destination, lectures are provided for entertainment and informative purposes. Different expedition cruises focus on different things; some are focused on history, some on ecology, and some on culture. You can personalize your trip by picking a cruise based on destinations and topics.

Expedition cruises are a once in a lifetime journey not only for the enjoyment and pleasure of vacation but also for personal growth and culturalization. It is an absolutely perfect choice for those looking to check many things off their bucket list. There are so many options to choose from; call AurTravel today at 402-891-6909 and we can help you figure out the best personalized trip for you!

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