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Stop Wondering about the Wonders of the World

Is visiting the Wonders of the World on your bucket list? There is no better time than the present to see these beautiful sights! Here is some general information on a few Wonders of the World. Which do you want to explore?

Christ the Redeemer Statue: Located in Rio de Janeiro, Christ the Redeemer Statue stands 130 feet tall and weighs 635 tons. It took over 9 years to construct. Christ the Redeemer Statue is a worldwide symbol for peace.

Machu Picchu: Located above the Sacred Valley in Peru, Machu Picchu sits over 8,000 feet above sea level. When discovered, the jungle had literally swallowed it up, hence the nickname the lost city. The Machu Picchu landscape consists of hills, steep mountains, and narrow gorges.

Chichen Itza: You’ll find this Wonder in Mexico. It is the remains of the Mayan civilization that lived around 600-900 AD. The most recognizable structure is El Castillo which has over 365 steps. The ruins are open daily with a consistent temperature in the low 90s.

The Roman Colosseum: Located in Rome, the Colosseum is one of the most well-known structures remaining from the ancient world. It was the largest ever built elliptical amphitheater that could seat 50,000 people. It was used to entertain the Roman Elite and common citizens.

Petra: This Wonder is located in Jordan. Petra is also known as the Rose City due to the color of the stone it is carved from. Several scenes from movies were filmed here and it’s said to have been around since before 106 AD. Petra is known for its impressive civilization who carved the city into its mountains.

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Debbie Lee joined the AurTravel team in May 2016 and works as a Travel Consultant. She brings more than 20 years’ experience working with corporate travelers and groups tending to all their air, car, and hotel needs. In her free time, Debbie enjoys spending time with her family and watching her children play sports.

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