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Explore the Wonder of Alaska

You have a few options for travel to Alaska: air, land, and sea. If you travel by air on a commercial plane, you will land at one of the major airports in the state: either Fairbanks or Anchorage. From there, you can take a smaller charter plane to the smaller towns if desired. If you want to travel by sea, there are many different cruise lines to choose from; this option allows for an enjoyable, scenic journey. For those of you who enjoy road trips, there is the option of renting a car or RV to take with on your long journey. Driving allows you the option to hit all the scenic spots along the way.

Alaska is large, covering 1,500 miles of highway; you could fit two Texas’ within its borders. Alaska contains five different regions for you to choose from when planning your vacation:

North: While visiting the far north, you can embrace all of the culture and wildlife around. History of the gold rush is everywhere and the Arctic Circle is located here. The culture is rich in this area, celebrating the indigenous people of the land. Barrow is a city within this region that has an arch made out of whale bone that visitors can view. Point Barrow is also a popular tourist spot; it is the northern most point of all U.S. territory.

Inside Passage: This area is one of the most breathtaking views Alaska has to offer. From the multitude of luscious islands, to the flying whales, to the large original totem poles, the inside passage has a view for everyone. There are many whale watching excursions to take, road tours on 4 wheelers, and beautiful domed Russian churches created by the Russian settlers.

Interior: The interior region of Alaska is often referred to as the heartland. This region is forest rich; here you will have some of the best spots for bird and bear watching. Interior Alaska is home to Fairbanks, the largest city in this region. It is common for tourists to stop at Fairbanks for a few nights after their plane ride to tour the town before boarding their cruise ship.

South Central: The South Central region is one of our most popular hot spots. You have access to many of Alaska’s national parks and glaciers including Kenai Peninsula. A visit to this area is perfect before or after an Inside Passage cruise.

Southwest: Southwest Alaska is known for its chain of rugged, volcanic islands. Most of the islands are within the Aleutian National Wildlife Reserve. Whales, sea lions, seals, and sea otters are a common sight, and eagles also call the islands their home.

Are you ready to explore all that Alaska has to offer? Call AurTravel at (402) 891-6909 today to book your expedition to Alaska.

Debbie Lee joined the AurTravel team in May 2016 and works as a Travel Consultant. She brings more than 20 years’ experience working with corporate travelers and groups tending to all their air, car, and hotel needs. In her free time, Debbie enjoys spending time with her family and watching her children play sports.

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