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Love Beer? These Destinations are a Must-See!

Are you a beer connoisseur who loves to travel? Or maybe you are a beer rookie who loves to travel? Regardless of what level beer expert you are, there are some fantastic destinations around the world that are a must-see for those who enjoy a cold brew. Here are a few ideas to get you started on your beer adventure!

Cincinnati, Ohio
Cincinnati was literally built ON beer. In the mid-1800s breweries were producing beer in underground cellars and tunnels. While none of the original breweries are still around today, this city is still a top spot for beer lovers. The Eagle Food and Beer Hall is home to 100 different beers with blues music in the background and furniture from an old post office. HalfCut is where you should go if you want to taste Cincinnati’s’ best local and rare craft beers. Stop by Arnold’s Bar and Grill, the oldest tavern in the city.

Dublin, Ireland
It’s no secret beer enthusiasts can’t go wrong in Dublin. Visit the Church Bar which is, you guessed it, an old church turned into a bar. The legendary Guinness Storehouse is a must-see. First take a tour of the factory followed by a tasting in the Gravity Bar. The Merchant Arch is a top local spot for live music and authentic Irish food. Enjoy a pint of beer with fewer crowds!

Munich, Bavaria
Ditch the millions of partygoers who flock to Munich during Oktoberfest and visit when it’s a little less crazy. Visit RedHot which gives the underdog beers a turn in the spotlight. Forschungsbrauerei (free beer if you pronounce it correctly – just kidding) used to be a research brewery from 1930 that now serves some of the best and least-known beers.

Prague, Czech Republic
Where can you go to sit in a barrel of beer while you’re drinking beer? Prague, that’s where. If this sort of thing speaks to you, visit the Beer Spa. If you’re still in the mood for beer after bathing in it, visit BeerGeek Bar. It has 500 different types of bottled beer and 32 beers on tap. You’ll probably also enjoy a trip to the Prague Beer Museum to see the history of beer and how it is made.

Brooke Koehler joined C&A Industries in January 2014 and works as a Senior Marketing Specialist in the corporate marketing department. She holds a B.S. in Business Management and Marketing from Northwest Missouri State University. In her free time, Brooke enjoys planning her upcoming wedding, completing projects on her new home, and spending time with her fiancé, Jack, and their two fur babies, Trixie and Pearl.

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