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West Coast Wine Country

The West Coast offers a diverse wine region. From Victoria, British Columbia all the way to San Diego, California, you will encounter wine tastings and wonderful scenery. Here are a few wine country destinations to consider.

Victoria, British Columbia Farms, ocean views, and trees will be the backdrop for wineries in BC. The mild temperatures and land produce fruity whites and medium reds. Church & State Wines is a must-see when visiting the Victoria region. If visiting from May to December, enjoy lunch in the bistro.

Eugene, Oregon You will find Noble Estate Vineyard & Winery where they offer a scenic patio with a stunning view of the vineyard and the Oregon Coast Range. Three of their Best of Show are the following: Muscat, Passion, and Riesling. Seasonally you can enjoy these with some locally-made cheeses.

Calistoga, California Here stands a 13th century Tuscan-inspired castle and winery called Castello di Amorosa. You can choose different guided tours and tastings including the Royal Food & Wine Pairing Tour and the Wine & Cheese Tour.

St Helena, California Beringer Vineyards is the region’s oldest winery dating back more than 140 years. St Helena Home Vineyard is located on Beringer’s Napa Valley estate.

San Diego, California Your chance to drink and NOT drive. Enjoy breathtaking scenery and wine tasting on the guided San Diego Winery Train Tour. You will view coastal scenery, partake in guided historic walks, and stop for a light lunch and tastings at the local wineries. Your Winery Train Tour includes: tasting at San Diego urban wineries, stops at a local brewery, Italian lunch with wine tastings, behind the scenes to wine making, San Diego’s history, and coastal scenery.

After this short introduction to the West Coast wine region of American call AurTravel at 402-891-6909.  We’re ready to place a wine glass in your hand and have you saying “KEEP CALM and DRINK WINE”.

Debbie Lee started working for AurTravel in May 2016 as a Travel Consultant Assistant.  She brings over 20 years experience working with corporate travelers & groups tending to all their air, car and hotel needs.  In her free time Debbie enjoys spending time with her family, and watching her children play sports. 

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