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Canada – Atlantic Region

The Atlantic Region of Canada is made up of four provinces: New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland and Labrador. These provinces on the Atlantic Coast provide breathtaking beauty much for travelers to explore.

New Brunswick offers breathtaking coastline and endless adventures in the Bay of Fundy. Spend the day kayaking scenic inlets and secret caves, whale watching, and walk to the ocean floor at The Hopewell Rocks at low tide. 

Prince Edward Island coastline offers some of the most remarkable sights in the world. The local cuisine offers the freshest seafood available. Prince Edward Island is famous for potatoes, lobster, and mussels.  Bring your appetite and your bib for a traditional lobster roll, lobster tacos, or a picturesque lobster feast.

Nova Scotia is where you can find some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. A trip to Nova Scotia isn’t complete without a visit to Peggy’s Point Lighthouse. This popular lighthouse still warns ships of dangerous rocky shores today. For Titanic buffs, Halifax Nova Scotia is the closet major port to the sinking of the Titanic and where most of the recovered victims and wreckage was brought.


Newfoundland and Labrador is one of the best places to view icebergs, ranging in colors from pure-white to deep greenish-blue. Newfoundland and Labrador is a fisherman’s absolute heaven. This area offers rivers, ponds, and lakes for both the newcomer and the ace. 

Escape and discover the Atlantic Region’s incredible beauty and unique experiences.  Call AurTravel at 402-891-6909 and let our Canada destination specialists book your east coast Canadian vacation. 

Debbie Lee started working for AurTravel in May 2016 as a Travel Consultant Assistant.  She brings over 20 years experience working with corporate travelers & groups tending to all their air, car and hotel needs.  In her free time Debbie enjoys spending time with her family, and watching her children play sports. 

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