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Fishing Destinations Worldwide

Love fishing? Love vacation? If so, AurTravel has the perfect vacation idea for you! Visit any one of these unique destinations that offer world renowned fishing.

Super Bowl 2019

This NFL season’s Super Bowl will be held on February 3, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia. It will take place in the brand new Mercedes-Benz Stadium, which opened in 2017. The huge stadium can hold a whopping 80,000 fans with its expanded seating.

Washington D.C.

Visiting Washington, D.C. is a perfect trip for people of all ages! There is something for every person in your group to enjoy.

Surfing across the World

For many people, surfing is more than just a simple water sport; it’s their way of life, their culture, a worshiped art.

Father – Son Trips

Taking a father and son vacation is a great way to build and strengthen the bond between generations. Whether you are surprising dad with a getaway or taking your young son on his first guys trip, we can help you plan the perfect vacation.

Traveling with Disabilities

Don’t let the stress and frustrations of creating travel accommodations deter you from booking your vacation. AurTravel is here to help you through the whole process and ensure your vacation goes as smoothly as possible.

Beauty Must-Haves for Travel

You’ve planned for this trip for months and you want to look your best in every picture! Make sure you don’t forget any of your essential beauty products at home.

Jamaica Tales from a Repeat Traveler

I recently returned from a trip to Jamaica. It was my 13th or 14th time to Jamaica – I have lost count! It is my “home”. Every time I arrive, the people welcome me back “home” with smiles and open arms. I love the Jamaican people. They are so friendly and happy all the time.

Advantages of Disconnecting from Social Media

Social media can be blessing as it keeps you connected to relatives and friends living across the country, but it can also be a curse. Social media is sometimes referred to as a “gateway drug”, getting you addicted to your phone and always having to stay connected.

Solo Adventure Travel

Everyone should take a solo trip at least once in their lives; it allows you to personalize your adventures to your own preferences without worrying about the agenda of others. You can journey off on excursions at your convenience while possibly meeting other solo travelers along the way.