La Jolla Shores, California

This is a great beach destination for beginner surfers because the waves are small enough to not put you in any real danger, yet they’re big enough to give you a healthy push to get moving. The waves are predictable and the water is warm, making it all the more comfortable and inviting to newbies. Fishing is not allowed; meaning usually no signs of sharks. You can find scuba, snorkeling, and surfing classes all along the beach. There are lifeguards present for your safety. It is one of the most beautiful beaches with the picturesque California cliffs off to the sides.

North Shore, Hawaii

North Shore is great if you are an advanced surfer. This destination regularly sees massive waves (20 ft.) along its shore, especially in the winter. Here is where some of the world’s most famous surfing competitions are located, so you know the waves are definitely for the more advanced and adventurous souls. If you are hoping to travel to watch the competition, be sure to book far in advance to ensure you have a hotel room. Also, take time away from surfing to visit inland sites; this destination is truly beautiful all around and the locals are some of the most inviting and loving people on earth.

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