Gardens of Versailles, France

Created by designer and architect Andre Le Notre, the Gardens of Versailles is considered equally important as the Palace itself. The Orangery is known for its pure lines and citrus trees that include lemon, pomegranate, and orange, and sits right below the Palace. The gardens have many fountains, statues, and vases throughout the groves and secluded paths. Versailles is also known for its parterres, which offer intricate designs when viewed from above.

Volksgarten, Austria

Dating back to 1820, Volksgarten was one of the first recreational locations in the center of Vienna. This public park is laid out in a French style and is a popular gathering place. The Theseus Temple is the focal point of the park, surrounded by fountains and monuments. Known for its rose garden, the flowerbeds are set up in a geometric configuration.

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