Urbasa-Andía Natural Park

This park was created by a giant tectonic slip that opened a wide passage between the Urbasa and Andía mountain ranges. Meadows and woods alternate throughout the area creating a variety of beautiful scenery. A lot of vegetation grows in this area providing a home to many creatures such as the salamander, grass frogs, and the Natterjack toad. The Urbasa- Andía Natural Park is located to the west of Navarre and many rivers and streams flow through it. Explore the hiking and biking trails for views of the many waterfalls and natural pools.

Ciudadela de Pamplona

Otherwise known as the Citadel of Pamplona, this fortress was built in the 16th or 17th century and was used for military purposes. It is a renaissance-style fortification, as ordered by Felipe II. The Citadel was reinforced in 1645 and 1685 to upgrade the defensive system. The Citadel is unique in that it is shaped like a star to better guard against an attack on any side. The Ciudadela de Pamplona is located in the center of the city, surrounded by a lush green park known as Vuelta del Castillo.

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