Located in The Islands of Tahiti is the quiet island of Taha'a. Taha'a is often called the Vanilla Island due to the aroma of numerous vanilla farms on the island. This area has become one of the top locations for sailing, deep sea fishing, and scuba diving because of the protected lagoon. You will discover beautiful old trees, colorful flowers, and plants while staying on the island. Enjoy a tranquil getaway where the only way to travel is by water taxi.

Molokai, Hawaii

Molokai is 38 miles long and 10 miles across at its widest point. It is home to the highest sea cliffs and one of Hawaii's largest white-sand beaches. Interested in a genuine hideaway from all things? Stay in a Polynesian bungalow on the exotic beach of Kamiloloa. Explore a Hawaiian rainforest and see plants and animals while on a four wheel drive to the Kamakou Preserve.

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