Portland, OR

tends to be known as a bit of a hipster paradise, but for good reason. The city really does dedicate itself to sustainability and Eco-friendliness. Between the expansive farmers markets, local art galleries, book stores, coffee shops, and over 200 miles of bike paths, Portland really is a key example of how to be eco-friendly. They also have some of the best sustainable dining options in the country. Try out the specially designed "Green Pub Crawl". Starting out at Hopworks Urban Brewery, the tour will introduce you to local eco-brews and fresh minded pub grub. The best part: the whole tour can be taken on the local bus so no need to worry about finding an Uber or DD at the end of the night. And of course you can't go to Portland without indulging in a cup or two of their local coffee. A few local coffee shops to try out are Ladybug Organic Coffee, Twin Paradox, Coffeehouse Northwest, and Stumptown Coffee. Just remember to bring your own reusable coffee mug!

Costa Rica

has been a face of eco-tourism for years. 25% of its landmass is protected as national parks and biological reserves. They're using nearly 95% renewable energy sources throughout the country and their goal is to be the first carbon-neutral country by 2021. There are multiple eco-lodges to choose from for your stay. The warm and inviting Costa Rican culture, along with its 12 main ecosystems, make it a must-visit destination for the eco-friendly traveler. If you really want to be one with nature, you should check out Costa Rica Tree House Lodge; 5 completely different, sustainable built houses on the 10-acre beachfront grounds. Amenities include flame-heated hot tubs, mini-golf course, full kitchen facilities, and a few of the houses even offer air conditioning.

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